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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Players are very open to the press in the Czech Republic!

So Petr is now back in his hometown of Plzen, playing on a team with his idol Marty Straka. joolzie sent me a translated article of Straka talking about his, uhh, idol worshipper.

It's pretty overwrought. Here's the translated headline:
Martin Straka: Sykora? Shooter from the Lord God

And then it just gets upsetting:
I always tell you, it is a shooter from God. He puts all of the goal, it just one chance and he always puts it there somehow. I just need laces. (Smiles) It's always in the right place, has an incredible ending.
The "(Smiles)" just makes it worse!

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Wow. What an...I don't even know. What.

Hoping there's some serious lost-in-translation going on there.

that article is clearly a thing of beauty.

Maybe the sports editor was sick and the religion editor was drafted in?

Apparently Petr is God's hitman!

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