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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Tim Lincecum

T is for Torture (Timmy, Tati, etc.)

I babysat yesterday, which basically means Tati and I watched the baseball game together. :P I microwaved leftovers and frozen dinner stuff and put a towel over my bed so we could eat and watch at the same time.

The game was... well, what else do you expect but torture at this point? :) Timmy has some really magnificent games where he's just untouchable. Being at those games makes me weepy. But I enjoy the ones where he struggles and fights his way through it even more, and he did that last night.

The catcalls for Timmy were HILARIOUS. I also loved the way he was almost giggling in response to it. Tati was very excited that the Giants won! So excited that she grabbed my Zito and Matt Cain bobbleheads and made them kiss noisily and "hug" each other but she hit them together too hard and Matt Cain's hand broke off. :( :( :( Luckily it was his non-pitching hand. I glued it back on, hopefully he'll be okay for tomorrow! :P

I am madly in love with S3E3 of Fringe! Okay, the story was basically the plot of The Lawnmower Man, but the execution was so very, very good. And the look that Milo gives Olivia when he's escaping on the top of the truck and spreading his hands. I was like almost hopping when they showed him imagining the scenario where Olivia gets crushed by cinder blocks and thinking it's not going to happen that way cos' she's from our side!

Finally watched the pilot of The Event and I (cautiously) like it. Too much timeline jumping around, though. I was able to follow it, but when you have 4 different threads, each with 3 different time points that aren't shown chronologically, that's a bit much.

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My Mario Lemieux bobblehead's head fell off DURING THE 04 WORLD CUP IN WHICH HE WAS PLAYING. I was traumatized. But he lived and they won so I guess it was okay.

That's horrible! I didn't know these things were so fragile. Did you fix it? Did he get his "bobble" back? :P

It was basically just hot glue from a glue gun that connected his head to the spring in his neck, but I've never bothered to re-glue it, I just jammed his head back on there, haha. He bobbles but if you pick him up and move him around too vigorously it'll fall off again.

The real Mario seems to be in similar condition!

I will cross my fingers for matt cain!

Thank you! I just used regular glue on the hand and used Scotch tape to hold it in place, so now there's a gap where the break is. :P

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