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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Tim Lincecum

Indoctrination complete!

This morning, Tati came into my room, asked to watch baseball, pointed at the screen and exclaimed, "Timmy!" with a big smile on her face, then happily said, "I like Timmy" and "let's go, Timmy!" My heart swelled with pride! ♥

People point to Brian Wilson's league-leading 48 saves in his defense, but that's a bit of a misleading stat, I think. I'm guessing that the Giants probably have more save opportunities than most teams (that's how "torture" goes), so in sheer numbers, it seems likely he'd be ahead. I wonder what his ratio of saves to blown saves is compared to other closers. Not trying to criticize him as he's about 100 times better than Armando Benitez *twitches* and I trust him, just not really buying into that argument.

I'm really liking the new season of House. In general, I respect all of the daring changes every season (that I know a lot of people may not like) which is something they don't have to do for a procedural, and for me, they do work and they generally do a good job getting laughs out of the situation. That scene with Cuddy grabbing House's crotch in front of Wilson and the subsequent staring was pure brilliance. And Cuddy asking House what room she should return the stuffed animal to (after he gave it to her) with a smile on her face was great.

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I also think closers are overrated on a whole. I think the guys who should get the most credit for being true closers (and don't because they don't have the pretty S by their names) are the set-up guys, the guy who comes into the game and gets out of a two on, one out jam in the eighth so that the closer can come into the ninth, get a 1-2-3 inning and rack up the stat that matters.

I hang around too many sabrs online. :P

Um, Mariano Rivera isn't overrated imo, though. I think if you do what you do for that long and that efficiently, essentially with only one pitch (until recently; I think he added a two seamer this year o_o) then you're pretty good.

Edited at 2010-10-13 09:12 pm (UTC)

It's a different kind of job. The set up guy in a jam has to perform better, but is under less pressure. It's different types of mental make up. I just don't think "look at how many saves he made!" is indicative of him being an excellent closer.

I agree really hard with I just don't think "look at how many saves he made!" is indicative of him being an excellent closer. I mean, Joakim Soria had 43 saves, but his blown save percentage was a bit better than Wilson's because he came into fewer games/save situations. Or there's Koji Uehara, who only had 13 saves but also played for a pretty bad (until Showalter took over, at least) Orioles team. Uehara's 13 saves won't get look as good next to 43 or 48, even if he only blew two of his chances.

Uh, tl;dr. Basically all of that was "I AGREE WITH YOU!" :P I love baseball discussions too much. sigh.

Brian Wilson probably contributes to least 30% of the Giants baseball "torture". :)

i love how traumatized you continue to be by even the thought of armando. i get the same twitch thinking about ricardo rincon.

I wasn't even a fan of the Giants back then and he still upsets me!

Saves are stupid.

Wilson is not really that good. His WHIP (walks+hits per inning pitched) is an absurd 1.18.

Rivera? 0.83.

Rivera? 0.83.

His career postseason WHIP is 0.77. He's a robot. o_o

It's a really arbitrary stat (but that's what baseball is for). I'm just happy to have someone who isn't going to fail 50% of the time. :P

Oh man I am so looking forward to new house. Now that lee watches it as well I can DL it!

I love that they don't stagnate. I love that their ideas of interesting character background stories are not limited to who the characters are currently sleeping with (or have slept with in the past).

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