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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Sleep, glorious sleep!

I just got a flu shot for the first time. It was only $5 at Genentech as I'm a contractor here, and after lastcatastrophe's experience with H1N1 last year, I figured I should get one just in case. That whole thing with the uhh... some French name where you can end up paralyzed is kind of terrifying, though. It's 1 in a million, but it's still disturbing.

Just found out from tersa that Haven has been renewed! I just watched the season finale while waiting in line for my flu shot, and there's a pretty awesome cliffhanger at the end, so it makes me even happier that I'll get an answer to that.

Chip has arrived in Singapore! Apparently another guy on the trip with him who arrived earlier has already been hit on several times by SPGs. :P It's weird, when I was living in Singapore, I was indifferent to SPGs, but now because my (married) friends could possibly be their "targets" I'm like, noooooooo stay away, stay away!!! I honestly am less worried about hookers than SPGs. I don't know, are hookers even a problem? I think mappleleaf is the only person on my friends list who can answer that question.

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I love haven! I love that I actually know shows you talk abotu now haha

I got my flushot today too!

Hee, I think you're the only other person I know who watches it!

I got a flu shot through work too! Although I completely forgot that it was flu shot day, so I wore a pullover ... over a button-down shirt ... and as a result had to semi-strip in front of my coworkers. D: Also it felt like hell for a few hours afterward.

One of the women in line was wearing a wrap and had to unravel herself. Who wears a wrap in high 80s weather? Did you get fever/muscle aches? I'm starting to feel a little... weird...

the first time you get one you get a lot of flu like symptoms and then the next year it lessens I dont even get them at all anymore, but it's annoying.

That whole thing with the uhh... some French name where you can end up paralyzed is kind of terrifying, though. It's 1 in a million, but it's still disturbing.

Is it Guillain–Barré that you were referring to? My cousin got that when she was little, so I've had second- (or maybe third-)hand experience with it. She fully recovered, though, as far as I know.

That's the one. One of my co-workers was in line and she talked about how one of my other project managers refuses to get flu shots because he knew someone who got that and was permanently paralyzed and is in a wheelchair now.

I think the odds of getting that AND having it be permanent are insanely low -- I think most people recover in full. I know this because I'm a hypochondriac/nutbar and was sure I had it a few years ago.

As for flu shots in general, H1N1 last year is the only one I've ever had because I very rarely catch colds or flus. After that one my arm was just sore for a few hours, and then it was fine. :)

Nobody ever got flu shots in Singapore. But there was never any flu season because there were no seasons...

I got the H1N1 shot last year and it was my first time getting a flu shot too. The nurse basically guaranteed I'd feel shitty, and I did, but only for a day.

I figure that having a reaction that's a mild version of the flu for a couple of days is better than getting it and being miserable for a week or ending up in the hospital like lastcatastrophe :( :( :(. Alex hasn't felt anything at all, so I'm hoping I'll be as lucky. :P

Oh, definitely. It just felt like that first day when you think you're getting sick, like tired and achey and I slept like the dead. Not so bad in comparison at all.

I have no objection to sleeping like the dead tonight! :)

Everyone reacts differently to the shot; that's actually the focus of the medical study at Stanford I tried signing up for :D--they're trying to figure out why!

I pretty much always used to get flu shots, but then in Korea they did it without gloves on and i stopped...

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