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Sleep, glorious sleep!

I just got a flu shot for the first time. It was only $5 at Genentech as I'm a contractor here, and after lastcatastrophe's experience with H1N1 last year, I figured I should get one just in case. That whole thing with the uhh... some French name where you can end up paralyzed is kind of terrifying, though. It's 1 in a million, but it's still disturbing.

Just found out from tersa that Haven has been renewed! I just watched the season finale while waiting in line for my flu shot, and there's a pretty awesome cliffhanger at the end, so it makes me even happier that I'll get an answer to that.

Chip has arrived in Singapore! Apparently another guy on the trip with him who arrived earlier has already been hit on several times by SPGs. :P It's weird, when I was living in Singapore, I was indifferent to SPGs, but now because my (married) friends could possibly be their "targets" I'm like, noooooooo stay away, stay away!!! I honestly am less worried about hookers than SPGs. I don't know, are hookers even a problem? I think mappleleaf is the only person on my friends list who can answer that question.
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