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In hockey heaven

Ahh dude, how much do I love hockey? *shrieks*

*sigh* *punts Wild* At least the Sharkies tried though. *cries for Reech*

Watching Avs/Wings. Eee, Boydlet in the box! So indignant and sohot! But not smoldering like Alyn. Dude, what is up with all the hot dorks? Lids is so fucking good. I mean, I knew that in the abstract, but to see him play ... lifting sticks to prevent guys from shooting, keeping pucks in, bugging guys without taking penalties ... *swoon* Feds! Feds in a fight? OMG, he was so pissed off and he actually threw a punch! He looked good. *giggle*

Roy made some insane saves, so did CuJo. But damn, what a great game to watch, just the skill of the two teams ...

Chip called Teemu "Teemu Salami" accidentally the other day and said that would be a good porn name for him. It also goes well with "Flashing Finn".

I've been trying to convince Chip to start a fake!LJ, but all the people he wanted are taken, like Hully and Datsyuk. Then he randomly picked Eric Daze because he's French Canadian. And now he wants a Russian, lol. He'd be a fun fake!Khabi I think. *giggle*

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