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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Joe Thornton

Mumble grumble

So, Joe Thornton is the new captain of the Sharks. I don't like this, but the magnitude of dislike is nowhere near that of... Heatley, so it's not really anything to complain about. It probably makes things easier for the media, half of whom have thought that Joe was the captain for the past few seasons anyway. :P

October is hitting me especially hard this year! I haven't even watched a single football game yet (although given the way the 49ers games have gone, that's probably a good thing) and I can't handle it. I mean, OMG a hockey game and a baseball game in the same day!!! *gasp*

At least they're not on at the same time so I can record them both. I'm seriously considering getting a HD DVR just so that I can record stuff on two channels at once if there are conflicts (which there seem to be tons of).

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Isaw a commerical at the movies the other day for a tv that could record two things but instead of picture in picture for watching two things, you could watch on a small screen on your remote while watching something else on the tv, lol, I dont even know

I think sometimes people just do something because technologically they can. :P

Er, I sort of thought he was the C as well.

I wouldn't be surprised if most people had thought that. :P

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