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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Barry Zito

My favourite mistake

Ugh, listening to KNBR right now and apparently Zito was walking around on Union Street on Sunday night and five guys "physically challenged" him, which is such BS and very un-San Francisco. Probably some yuppies transplanted from New England. :P

He's probably not going to be on the playoff roster, and... I don't know how I feel about that. I can't argue with Timmy, Matty and Jonathan Sanchez over Zito. But I feel like Zito is a guy who can come through when you need him, regardless of how he's going right now. Zito over Bumgarner, IMO for the playoff experience factor, but I don't think that's going to happen.

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My sad little heart is breaking.

Even Radnich, who has ripped on Zito in the past (to the point Zito called in to defend himself) says he feels bad for him.

I heard that Radnich show. I LOVE it when Barry gets badass. Poor baby.

I wonder if that's a different incident from the one I heard someone on knbr talking about where Zeets was out barhopping with some teammates and some drunk college kids got in his face?

Apparently he was also heckled during his dinner on Saturday. When did San Fran turn into New York?

Was it the same night? It's probably the same thing, there's a bunch of bars out in the Marina/Cow Hollow area.

I really do think it's the transplants who are responsible for this behaviour! :)

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