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It's a guy you don't expect

It seems right that it would be Jonathan Sanchez to get it done. Just like getting the no hitter. :P It's a guy you don't expect.

I'm crying and both horrified and amused by Posey umm... straddling Brian Wilson at the end of the game. And watching Zito's interview reminds me of another time Zito was in a locker room talking about going to the playoffs and how much love there was and how much I loved that team and how my heart was broken.

Zito seems older and harder and he talks as if joy is only for the young ones, the first timers. I'm happy, but I didn't really follow the team this season so I'm not appreciating this as much as I would have otherwise. Friends (who are like family) before baseball, no regrets. :)

See you Wednesday, Timmy.

[Edit: OMG, Timmy jumping up to high five the fan over the wall. ♥ forever.]
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