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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Giants starting pitchers

It's a guy you don't expect

It seems right that it would be Jonathan Sanchez to get it done. Just like getting the no hitter. :P It's a guy you don't expect.

I'm crying and both horrified and amused by Posey umm... straddling Brian Wilson at the end of the game. And watching Zito's interview reminds me of another time Zito was in a locker room talking about going to the playoffs and how much love there was and how much I loved that team and how my heart was broken.

Zito seems older and harder and he talks as if joy is only for the young ones, the first timers. I'm happy, but I didn't really follow the team this season so I'm not appreciating this as much as I would have otherwise. Friends (who are like family) before baseball, no regrets. :)

See you Wednesday, Timmy.

[Edit: OMG, Timmy jumping up to high five the fan over the wall. ♥ forever.]

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Were you also horrified by Wilson SCREAMING IN TIMMY'S FACE?!

I am full of lots of tiny hearts and rainbows and unicorns. <3 <3 <3

Sadly, that's probably he does every day to him. :( And then it reminded me of... someone drawing Wilson's tattoos on Timmy with colored markers, except for the one that was near his crotch.

But I think the happy outweighs all of that! :D

I'm crying and both horrified and amused by Posey umm... straddling Brian Wilson at the end of the game.

I expect about fifteen new fics on theboysofsummer tomorrow. :/

*shrieks* Posey doesn't deserve such a horrible fate!

i made a macro that expresses my thoughts about that celebration:

Heh. Did you see the video that soupypicturesposted of Brian Wilson screaming in Timmy's face?

No, I didn't! Must go check that out.

Dude. What you said about Zito so exactly summed up my feelings watching him, watching all the post-game interviews, really. I'm really happy for them, and I like a lot of these guys a lot, but Zito looks the way my heart feels, sort of badly burned and beyond repair.

I'm so squeeful for Timmy and Matty and Jonathan Sanchez and Brian Wilson (ugh) and Posey and Pablo Sandoval and even Zito (in a different way). But I don't know if I can love again. Maybe that's better, it hurts less.

Also, LOL the Giants have Santiago Casilla and it only started tickling my brain like 20 minutes later that him being with the Giants was not quite right. :P

Jaaaaaairoooo! Man, he was SO CUTE five years and about 25 pounds ago.

Speaking of cute and weight, Sanchez is looking really nice right now. :D

I've only been following the Giants for the last two months, so I feel a little weird being overly invested in this. I think I'm mostly just happy for Tim. I want all the best in the world for him.

Wilson/Posey...it alarms.

It's always fun when your boys do well. :)

Brian Wilson is alarming in general.

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