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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Condoms between the cereal boxes!

Just read an article about naughty stuff on Sesame Street:
Eyewitness: 'Sesame Street' Naughty Before Katy Perry

This part made me think of frala:
Whatever the theme, each and every year, Elmo and his pals would perform R-rated skits that would leave the audience in stitches. One of my favorites was the time Ernie and Bert finally came out of the closet. Good times.

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Oh man, do you remember that thing someone (you?) shared which was images of Ernie and Bert and... Crisco was involved, I think. :(

YES all bondagey and stuff hahaha

I think many people's childhood memories were ruined that night!

Hahahahahaha, you would go stir crazy working at S.Street, you would have to make fun.

The title makes it sound like the muppets were having orgies every night or something. :P As far as Katy Perry goes, what she was wearing was all right, I thought, it only looks racy at all because she has big boobs.

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