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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Tim Lincecum

I don't believe it

Amazingly, tonight was the first baseball game I've watched on TV this season. A lot has happened this spring and summer that's taken me away from baseball; I blame it on the Sharks going deep in the playoffs and that's probably partly it, but there's a lot of RL stuff, too.

I love watching Timmy as much as I used to, though. I think I love it even more when he kind of struggles and then gets his shit together. And when it gets to 2 strikes 2 outs and you know he's not going to induce a ground out or fly out he's going to strike him out because he just wills it to happen... *sigh*

[Edit: Timmy had a cold today! Oh, his cute little stuffy-nosed interview. *sniffles*]

But OMG WTF is that on Brian Wilson's face? :( :( :( And it's not even that he has stupid facial hair because... he always has stupid hair of some form or the other, but did he dye it black??? *cries* (And he needs to button his shirt) I still love him, though. *shamefaced*

[Edit: Oh thank God it's fake.]

There were a couple of new TV shows that I really liked this past season. Justified, because I like fun dialogue and regional settings (I'll miss you, Saving Grace!) and Haven, because I really like the three main characters and I'm a sucker for quirky seaside towns and weird stuff happening and Nova Scotia, uhh, I mean, Maine, is so pretty. :)

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I thought he looked a little red-nosed out there tonight. I was stuck with the Dbacks' broadcast, so there were no postgame interviews with anyone relevant. Will look for it online; I can't even imagine what he sounds like in this condition :)

I'll upload stuff to YouTube if you can't find it. Man, I just got a little weepy looking at the standings. This team was so shitty when I started following it, haha.

I found it on CSN Bay Area, so we're all good. He's adorable, but his postgame interviews are kind of...mind-numbing? I kind of want to sleep when I watch them, or at least be doing something else. I <3 him though.

They are so close! The city looks pumped up.

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