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The Invincible M.A.E.

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The weekend

I had a good weekend! :D lastcatastrophe came over on Saturday to continue our LotR marathon. There was much gay hobbit love and gay prancing (from Legolas) and a scene where Saruman seems to reveal himself to be a pedophile.

On Sunday, I went to a friend's birthday party in Marin. BBQ + pool + perfect weather! I'm going to have to give up trying to keep my hair dry by clipping it up, though. The first time I tried that, a live bee washed onto my float and I instantly slid off it into the pool. And on Sunday, Tati decided to step onto a float on the deep end of the pool (and didn't make it) so I had to swim over frantically to rescue her. As it turned out, she didn't get immersed and had managed to catch the side of the float with her elbows and was calmly trying to climb on, but she disappeared from view briefly! Babies and toddlers are so suicidal. :(

I haven't managed to watch much fall TV yet; I'm still finishing up all of the summer shows I follow. I am totally cool with the networks adopting the basic cable model of 13 episodes of great TV like Leverage over 22 episodes of mediocre TV. Assuming that the focus on quality over quantity actually makes a difference. Or maybe it's because cable requires smaller audiences and can thus take less of a lowest common denominator approach? At the same time, I think Leverage and Burn Notice would be successful shows on network TV.

I watched the season premiere of Fringe last night and it made me happy. :) Well, not that it was a happy episode, but the quality of it made me happy. And I'm a big fan of the guy who's recovering from being charred to a crisp by Nick Lane because he played the bisexual adopted son of the transsexual on Nip/Tuck and always seemed like he could have sex with anyone at any given moment and it wouldn't be inappropriate.

I do worry that with the current storyline it will drift away from monster-of-the-week to a more serialized story and I know that's what all the fans are clamouring for, but I don't think it will be good for the show. The mythology of this show is actually interesting, and it should be treated like ice cream. Have a little for dessert, but don't make it the entire meal otherwise it just doesn't work.

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I do not have your new address!

Sent to your Gmail account! :)

I so agree about supernatural, they can't carry a storyline for that long without it turning into a soap opera.

I was actually talking about Fringe, but for Supernatural I hugely prefer the monster-of-the-week episodes because their mythology is so stupid. :P

ooops!well you were right about two shows!

Fucking kids. At that age they just go under, sit on the bottom of the pool and look up at you completely calmly. Don't ever take your eyes off them.

That is terrifying!!! Have you had to save a lot of them? Alex was in a conversation so he didn't see it, and Tessa was talking to someone and Tati ran behind her to the deep end. It's actually good Tessa didn't see it cos' she would have flipped out. :P

Not a lot, no, I was lucky to work at pools where the patrons were usually pretty good and knew the rules. But literally I've had a three or four year old like, run out of the changeroom, not know how deep it was and just step into the pool. All I had to do was kneel down and pull them out because they just stand there underwater like "Oh. Huh." They'd cough a little and be fine; meanwhile their parents are total wrecks.

It's just more dangerous in backyard pools because people think kids will thrash around or scream if they fall in and that almost never happens, especially when they're little. Also never assume a door or gate is locked and they can't get at the pool, I swear kids are magic demons who can break out of/into anything. As soon as she's old enough to understand at all you've gotta drill the rules into her. :)

/lecture, sorry

She's actually somewhat afraid of the pool and will only go in one step at a time and then stop at chest height, but the float (it's one of those large 2-person ones) gave her a false sense of security.

Tessa would have noticed almost immediately as she keeps a close eye on her so Tati would have been okay, but... kids are so scary in general! She runs down the sidewalk towards intersections and always stops to hold an adult's hand to cross, but it just looks like at any moment she could run into traffic.

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