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275 yards? Really?

Tati pooped on my hand last night. :( Ahh, the perils of potty training.

Alex St. John wrote an article about Facebook games and their economics and how they're going to fail in their current incarnation:
Social Gaming Market Reaches Its Final Stage…and It’s Not Looking Pretty

Here's his conclusion:
In the end, I believe that “social games” as we know them will be a forgotten internet fad, ultimately consumed by the already mature online market for downloadable and multiplayer games.
I don't think anyone's going to forget Farmville in the same way people aren't going to forget MySpace, but people will eventually get fatigued and move on to something else.

I'm really proud of the 49ers for not getting blown out (because seriously, they weren't going to win that game) and of Alex Smith. I really respect him for choosing to stay with the team last year, and I think he's changing the minds of some of his detractors.

Inman: Despite the loss, Alex Smith impressive

Alex Smith showed enough moxie on a tying drive in the final minutes Monday night to win over some critics and make his teammates proud.

Not a bad thing to do when you are a 49ers quarterback and the "Monday Night Football" crowd includes Joe Montana and Steve Young.

Smith passed with Montana-like precision and ran with Young-like hustle the final time the 49ers had the ball.

But the New Orleans Saints had the ball last, and 79 seconds were just enough for their quarterback, Drew Brees, to march them down field for a winning field goal and a 25-22 triumph as time expired.

The first to emerge from the 49ers' locker room was team president Jed York. He calmly accepted the defeat, soothed concerns about the 49ers' 0-2 start and made sure to praise his quarterback.

"Alex stepped up and did a hell of a job, especially at the end," York said. "We'll be all right. We'll be all right."

They won't be OK if they turn the ball over four times as they did Monday. But, as York noted, they are only one game behind division leaders Arizona and Seattle.

If they could rally behind Smith in the final minutes against the reigning Super Bowl champions, there should be hope for the ensuing 14 games.

There is no shame in losing to a team of the Saints' caliber, even if that defeat came on prime-time television with a slew of 49ers icons in attendance for Jerry Rice's No. 80 jersey retirement.

Smith's No. 11 may never be headed for such sacred ground. But seeing him rally the 49ers down the stretch was a sight long expected out of the 2005 draft's No. 1 overall pick.

Asked if he learned anything about his starting quarterback in those closing minutes, coach Mike Singletary acted as if this is normal for Smith. Perhaps the coach had Smith confused with those other quarterbacks in the house -- Montana, Young and even Brees.

"Nothing new, nothing new," Singletary responded. "I've seen him do that in practice a number of times."

Practice? This was a prime-time game, a cliffhanger to the end.

"A lot of emotions right now, frustrated," Smith said. "I mean, in the end, it's a loss just like last week. Lose by one, or lose by whatever -- it doesn't matter."

Uh, last week the 49ers lost 31-6 in Seattle. All due respect, but this was not the same type of loss. At least it is good to know, however, that Smith is not satisfied with a near miss.

Leading a last-gasp drive down field for the tying points was deserving of a standing ovation, and the crowd of 69,732 obliged in raucous fashion.

We'll rehash the drive in a bit. First you should understand how Smith acted in the huddle, to see if he was cool as Montana in Super Bowl XXIII, where he pointed out John Candy in the stands?

"He was poised, just like he's been for six years," right guard Adam Snyder said. "He stepped into the leadership role a long time ago. We believe in him as a quarterback, and we did our best to protect him."

Let's pause here to note this interesting statistic: Smith did not got sacked Monday.

"He came in (to the huddle) with confidence and ran the offense like he always does," rookie right tackle Anthony Davis said. "Everybody was on edge, ready to go."

With 2:08 left on the clock and 82 yards to reach the goal line (without an inch to spare), the 49ers got to work.

Here is how the tying drive took shape: A 16-yard completion to Vernon Davis, 12-yard scramble by Smith, 15-yard completion to a tip-toeing Josh Morgan, incomplete pass off Davis' hands, 18-yard screen pass to Frank Gore, 12-yard scamper by Smith around the left side and past defensive end Will Smith.

That put the 49ers at the Saints' 9-yard line. Smith then found Dominique Zeigler for a 2-yard completion, and then Gore burst up the middle for a 7-yard touchdown run.
Needing a two-point conversion to tie, Smith threw a dart to Davis on the goal line, and officials went to the replay booth to award the 49ers' those tying two points.

As the crowd erupted with joy, Smith and Davis celebrated together on the bench, and Gore quickly joined them. That trio are key to getting the 49ers in the victory column.

Smith completed 23 of 32 passes for 275 yards with two interceptions off tipped passes. Those were respectable numbers

That offense certainly has room to improve, as if you didn't notice when David Baas' first shotgun snap sailed over Smith's head and resulted in a safety 1:32 into the contest.

Smith can improve, too. More important, he can build off a tying drive that seemed like a blast from the past, an impressive exit despite the depressing outcome on the scoreboard.

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