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The Invincible M.A.E.

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We weeeeeeeennnn!!!

*shrieks insanely* 6-2? Is that the Sharks? Are those officials not calling minor stuff on us and not letting major stuff against us go? I was feeling all weird until that Canes player ran Nabby over in his crease and there was no call. I was like, "Hmm, okay, that's what I'm used to." *grin*

Damn you for giving me hope, you bastards!!! Damn you!!!

*mauls Thorty*

Well, now that the bout of insanity is over, how about some ... more insanity? Well at least it isn't mine.

Big Pimpin'
Pimp Cane

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Uh, Mae, did you see the replay? Nabby stuck his skate out and managed to both trip the guy up and go sprawling...in the opposite direction... ::cuddles her goalie:: Good job.

::laughs hysterically!:: Is that roomie Alex? Ahahahahaha!


Yes!!! And we got a make-up penalty after that. *giggle*

And uhh, yeah, that's roomie Alex. Believe it or not, the jacket is his. *grin*

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