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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I can't sleep!

Can't sleep so I'm updating LJ instead. Chip saw my page and asked, "Isn't that outdated? Shouldn't you change it?" *bursts into tears*

Flan! If you haven't already seen it, I have some questions for you about your boys. (Click on the attachment) First of all, why are JR and Seidenberg snuggling nakedly under the covers in bed? Why does JR look so blissful and spent? Why is Dennis spooning him?Why does Dennis also have his arm wrapped protectively around him?

Alex seemed very pleased with his pimp hat(with extra large feather), pimp cane and bling.

I've developed a sudden interest in minor league hockey ever since watching the AHL All-Star game. I don't quite understand how all the affiliate stuff works yet, but I know who our affiliate is! *claps for self*

Chip has a theory on why the Sedin twins are so freaky. I showed him a picture of Henrik and he said that he looks inbred and homicidal, and capable of carrying out a Texas chainsaw massacre, or equivalent.

Can I sleep yet? No. *wails*

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(Deleted comment)
Everyone was stumped until Christiane's friend came up with it. It looks like him, doesn't it?


*looks around*

That's not Dennis. I'm not sure who he is or WHY he's all cozy with JR... but that's not him...

That's not Dennis? Hmmm....

The plot thickens!

Wait, does that mean, that's not Dennis it's someone else? Or does that mean, hey look over there, it's a horde of gorgeous Swedish hockey players, that's not Dennis!

*distracted by thoughts of Swedish hockey players*

No. I mean for real, IT'S. NOT. DENNIS.

I have no clue who Mr. Snuggles is. But that's not My German Hockey Player.

Now what about Swedes????

LOL! I am quite alarmed by that picture *grin* And the Sedin's... *ggg*

It's very disturbing. And intriguing. *giggle*

ROFL! Yes yes it is ;))

ack that pic is like a mystery *gg* we need to be the scooby slash gang or something!

OH dude chip, that might so be right *giggles*

*hugs tired mae*

Scooby slash gang!!! That's so awesome!!! *loves you*

He is quite the font of wisdom when not buying pimp gear.

*hugs* Thanks! *rubs eyes*

*loves you back* :) *giggles*

LOL well yes the pimp gear makes him lose much wisdom points ;)


*giggle* Hopefully his obsession is over!

Woah... I'm so amused. Mainly because that guy looks nothing like Dennis in any way. But also, I've never seen a... er... TENDER look on JRs face like that. Oh I'd pay major bucks to find out who that is with him and whats going on there...

Dude, doesn't he look like he needs a cigarette right then? *grin*

JR? The whole thing looks weird. I'm like, racking my brain trying to figure out who that is next to him. But he does look like he needs to smoke. *shakes head* scary...

We're just all thinking too hard. I mean, it's obviously his boyfriend.

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