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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Bye bye, TV!

Gave away my old TV on Craiglist today. It's a Sony Trinitron 27" TV that I bought in college. That's right. 1995. Oh man. It was so heavy I needed Alex's help to carry it out to the driveway. It's a CRT but a "flat" one, not the bulbous type. I'm really glad it's gone. It seemed to be taking up so much space in my room, even though my room is now twice the size of my room in my old apartment. I can finally finish arranging the furniture the way I like it!

I thought that nobody would be interested but I got 4 responses in half an hour! I guess there are people who just vulture over all of the free stuff? Seriously, a 15 year old CRT that weighs about 80 pounds? I guess free is free. :P

In other exciting news, I am scrubbing my bathroom wall with a toothbrush because most conventional cleaning products would probably screw up the stone. If I clean one slab a day, I'll be done in... 2 weeks. *weeps*

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I guess free is free. :P

lol, yes. Bri and I were gonna buy a new tv last year because our only tv was my old 27" tv/vcr combo, but then my friend Kenneth offered us his old ass 40" tv. And we were all over that in a heartbeat :P Mostly because we're not HD-obsessed, we just wanted a bigger screen, so an older tv was fine for our purposes, especially free of cost. But old tvs really are hella heavy! Not that I had to carry it - bless Kenneth and his cousin. And their backs.

Dude, those things are ridiculous. I bought my electric piano from a guy who had a 37" or so CRT lying around that he was trying to give away but couldn't because nobody wanted to haul that thing away.

People are blinded by free.

2 weeks? holy shit.

It's very handy for getting rid of bulky, useless objects.

I'm going to try using a regular-sized scrub brush and see if that works out...

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