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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Did anyone actually read that carefully? Or at all?

So I'm moderately excited about the Hawaii Five-O remake. My dad loved the original (presumably because the Hawaii setting meant lots of girls in bikinis) and I vaguely remember watching it as a little kid and liking it (probably not because of the girls in bikinis). And I like Alex O'Loughlin. And Daniel Dae Kim (mostly from Angel as I didn't like his Lost character).

Then I read this TV Guide article, and it featured as one of the highlighted accompanying quotes from Alex O'Loughlin in big font:
I felt Jack [Lord] blowing on my neck and wiggling my gun out of its holster.
While I think he meant that he was inspired by the spirit of the previous actor who played the role or some nonsense like that, what it looks like to me is the beginning of some poorly written RPS. (With supernatural elements--Jack Lord being dead and all)

I like the new version of Nikita. I think Maggie Q is awesome and I like her protege too, even if she is one of Ted's future kids from How I Met Your Mother.

It's about time for me to upgrade the computer I'm using as my DVR. The hardware is getting pretty old and the CPU fan is loud and it's a 90W processor. The CPU I'd be replacing it with is 65W, which would be nice as that computer is on all the time. There's also the option of 45W CPUs, but they're more expensive and tough to find.

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My mom keeps telling me I need to watch the new Hawaii Five-O because they live there now. "I know where all those places are!" And, yes. Daniel Dae Kim.

Haha, I'm totally like that. I'll watch almost any show if it's set in San Francisco. Monk filmed a scene a block away from me and when I saw it on TV I was so excited. Then towards the end of the series they did their outdoor location shoots in LA and I stopped watching the show. :P

I imagine someone will write an SPN crossover based on that quote.

Much like Harry Potter, there's nothing SPN can't crossover with.

I watched the preview on, god entertainment tonight I think and the host was all 'half naked people in swimsuits!" and that Caan (Scott?) had a face like thunder and mentioned how important the art of acting was to him. Poor lad.

Well, he's in for a rude awakening. His dad (Sonny from The Godfather!!!) did warn him about TV. :P

All I know of the original is the theme music, but DDK and Grace Park might be enough to get me to watch Five-0.

I like the new version of Nikita.

I'm too nervous to give it a try! It feels silly to say that, but I was such a fan of USA's LFN. I don't think I have it in me to dally about with another incarnation of Nikita. It doesn't help that the Michael character looks questionably cast.

Hmm, I watched the movie (both the original French one and the American remake) but never really watched the TV series. I would just think of this Nikita as something totally different because the story is that she was an assassin for a few years, then she went rogue and now she's working to take down the organization.

I like that they came to it from a new angle, as opposed to just trying to do a different interpretation of the same story.

I loved the Hellblazer comics and when Constantine came out and... Keanu Reeves (who is nothing like Constantine) was in it, I just treated it as something that wasn't Hellblazer and could enjoy the movie.

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