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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Carrie Underwood Post-Nups WAR

Having read my mom's National Enquirers when I was a little kid, I know they're pretty much completely made up. But it doesn't make this any less hilarious!

From tersa:

Recently wed CARRIE UNDERWOOD and new hubby already battling war!

Sources say Carrie Underwood and her hockey-playing hubby Mike Fisher - who wed July 10 - are at war after she reneged on a promise to move to his native Canada.

"Carrie and Mike are experiencing a post-wedding comedown," an insider told The ENQUIRER.

"Reality is starting to set in, and it isn't pretty. Mike is demanding that Carrie make good on her promise to move to Ottawa, Canada, where he's based with his hockey team. But now Carrie is backtracking and refusing to leave her adopted hometown of Nashville."

After a lavish $1 million wedding in Georgia, the newlyweds honeymooned in Tahiti for eight days, and then spent another three days in California's Napa Valley wine country, where their problems erupted in an explosive confrontation.

"Mike was going over renovation details for the 5,000-square-foot house he's building in West Carleton, Ottawa," the insider divulged.

"He was talking about building a nursery when Carrie flew off the handle. She told Mike it was pointless to build space for a baby because she has no intention of living there.

"Carrie claimed she hadn't thought the living plan through when she committed earlier. She told Mike that she's most comfortable recording and writing in Nashville, and that her touring commitments make Nashville a more logical home base.

"Mike feels duped and raged that Carrie misled him. When Carrie said her mind was made up, Mike fired back, 'I'll be living in Canada, whether you're there or not!'"

"The conversation turned into a screaming match, and ended with Carrie in tears after locking herself in the bathroom."

I'm somewhat excited that they had their "explosive confrontation" not two hours away from where I live!!! Imagine, Mike Fisher "raged" where I've gone wine tasting many a time! Also, I have a feeling that Fisher's declaration that he would be living in Canada was a lot less "I'm doing what I want!" and a little more "Umm, I kinda' sorta' have to live in Canada".

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ahaahahahaahahahaah I love that. I know ALL of the wives in Ottawa hate her, think she's stuck up snob... This just goes to prove it... Unless Mike gets traded to Nashville (which I doubt it Ottawa loves him). They're stuck. I'd giggle if they were headed for divorce before it even got off the ground!

Oh wait my Glee was premature... It's from the national enquire... false alarm. She probably went to the bathroom and this whole story stemmed from that!

Edited at 2010-08-27 01:20 am (UTC)

the enquirer broke both jamie-lynn spears pregnancy and john what=its baby. (I am somewhat ashamed I know the name of Britney spears sister and not the dude who ran for president.

If I was Carrie Underwood, I would consider myself superior to all the other wives too. :P

Wow I almost felt sorry for Mike Fisher for a minute. UNCLEAN.

I don't. Get to know your fiancee a little bit better before you marry her. :P

There should be a checklist. "12. Would you absendmindedly lie to me to end a discussion???"

4 magazines at my work had this in it today rofl

Ahaha, and was National Enquirer the source?

they didnt say! but there was that article too haha, the boys are clearly riveted!

Oh man, if the article is true how awful is that? "Wait, you weren't kidding when you said I have to move to Ottawa???!!!"

right??? "You mean you cant just void your contract cause you married an american with a carrerr in an american city??? I thought you had pull like Gretzky Mike!!!!"

*dies* Wait, what? I don't know this Gretzky thing!

when he married janet jones, her career was in LA and then so was he!

I was under the impression that he didn't want to go there! He CRIED!!!


I hope/expect it's not true, but this stuff is like reading a good badfic. :)

I'm so stupid, I read the title of this post and went, "Carrie Underwood Post-Nups Wins Above Replacement? WHAT??" D:

Hahaha. It's just an awkward headline. And the whole "battling war" thing? So they're warring against war?

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