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The Invincible M.A.E.

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No, I'm not ready for some football

The plan is to move out this weekend, meep!

I can't believe the NFL pre-season is starting up in a week and a half. Will I see a winning 49ers season for the first time this year? :)

I caught up on both Eureka and Warehouse 13 so that I could watch the crossover episode which seemed more fun in the trailer than in the execution, but still entertaining. I dislike joke spoilers more than plot spoilers. Claudia's "marry me" line was fun, but I'd already seen it like 5 times before the episode. :P Also her kissing Fargo was kind of creepy. :( IRL their age is probably somewhat close, but she's playing a teenager and Fargo is... presumably in his mid to late twenties?

I like Rizzoli and Isles a surprising amount, considering it really just is a fairly standard procedural. I think I just really love Angie Harmon. :) I was so sad when Women's Murder Club was cancelled.

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STARTS SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!!!! (right?) Can hardly wait till Saturday for the HOF speeches. Greatest wide receiver, Greatest running back

No, I'm not ready for some football

OMG, tell me about it. I used to haaaaaaaate this time of the year before I had MLB Network. The way ESPN would start cutting back on baseball highlights for stupid training camp and Favre updates? Ugh.

I feel like with the Sharks having gone deep into the playoffs, along with... life, I haven't had as much recovery time this year as I would have liked. I haven't even watched any baseball yet! Football shouldn't be starting up! :P

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