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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Those AHL All-Stars sure like their drop passes

I'm going to the dentist again today. *giggles at Frala knowingly*

Chip received Alex's pimp hat and bling yesterday. *weeps* The thing is purple with a huge brim and leopard skin trim. He put it all on to show me and promptly tried to bitchslap me. Thank God he didn't have the cane too.

I also caught Point Break over the weekend. Has anyone noticed that The Fast and the Furious has exactly the same plot? I mean ... replace surfing/skydiving with illegal street racing, and bank robbers with uhh, home electronics robbers. Not that there was much plot to rip off. *grin* Keanu is such a bad actor. But it's okay because he's not annoying about it and he's hot. *grin*

Ahh dude, Seriya is so sweet and soinlove, but I'm sure glad the challenge was non-smut. *giggle* *looks at Teemu* *cries*

My updated fic to-do list is 13 fics. *cringe* But four of those are unviable or a really long way off. Eep, but I haven't added Tammy's birthday fic to it yet. Or Robyn's. Speaking of which ... Robyn, what do you want for your birthday fic? Pairing? Smut/non-smut/plotful smut?

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hee the dentist :) *grin*

Seriya *swoon* so awesome

I um...

semi-plotful smut? *smiles* *hugs* I love you Mae.

And as for pairings... um... *blush* I'd understand if you said no but... Kariyacest? *ducks*

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