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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Martian Love

Marian Hossa is #1!!!

Marian got married!

Marian Hossa

My absolute favourite thing is that he's doing the #1 sign as he's coming out of the church and I'm totally making that into an icon because who is that ridiculous? ♥

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(Deleted comment)
He's pretty bizarre (like most Slovaks).

I'm a little distracted by the over-abundance of ruffles in his bride's dress!

Yeah, the dress was nice above the ruffles... I guess excess is appropriate at weddings? :P

Awesome. And then a line of other brides comes out, giving new meaning to "bridal train".

Awesome picture. I giggled a lot. :) I also have to WTF over the ruffles. The dress is gorgeous on her down to the hips, then it looks like it was the victim of an unfortunate accident with a giant blender. I don't understand that style at all!

Yeah, perhaps it's popular in Slovakia. *coughs*

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