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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Remove head from sphincter, then drive

Chip is still asleep, Alex is out buying a barbecue grill, and I'm sitting here in IHC and trying to write.

I was wondering why I had so much difficulty doing so, when I realized that I didn't know what I was going to write at all. Sort of the mental equivalent of me walking into doors before turning the handles, which happens embarrasingly often.

We had a cleaning service come in on Thursday because we are lazy slobs. That night, Alex rushed downstairs and inflicted the hideous pun "Wow, she really cleaned house!" on me, and thus I am using his picture as my icon for this post, in honor of him. *snicker*

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LOL Ive done that too Mae *giggle* damn doors, or pulling on them when it very clearly says push :D

Oh and Alex is very cute :)

*giggle* That's Chip's problem, except he pushes when he should pull. Between the two of us, we can just about manage entering and exiting buildings.

And I'll be sure not to let Alex know. *grin* *shakes head at Alex's ego*

LOL that is so cute :D

*giggle* ohh he has an ego lol

Oh yes he does. But he's funny so we let it slide :P

*giggle* well that is so all good then *grin*

Remove head from sphincter, then drive

Hee... that quote rocks.

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