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Sunday morning

Ooh, All-Star Game!

I saw Sharkie in the audience watching Sheryl Crow. *giggle* OMG, Sergei just made goo goo eyes at Rob Blake! *shrieks* Frala! Nazzy/Foppa/Bert. Eee, JR said LeCadaver has a pretty face!

Player Introductions: Eee, Jocelyn Thibault is so adorable (and gorgeous)! And Bert's hair is ridiculously foofy. All the camera shots of the guys were up their noses, then they went to Midgy and it was face level. :) Is it just me, or has Scott Stevens lost his facial twitch? And is he, uhh, kinda hot? *weeps*

ASG 1st period: I just cheered madly for Foppa! What is this game doing to me? :) *dies* "(Teemu's) affinity for Kariya is showing through" Eee, Mikey Mo!!! :) Khabi isn't twitching. :( Eee so much love between Paul and Teemu, they keep trying to give each other the chance to score! SDQ, will you write Gaborik/Hossa? Marian squared!

*shrieks* OT!!! Dude, I so hope that JR becomes an announcer after he retires! *giggle* OMFG, this game is so freaking insane!!! Nobody ever had more than a one-goal lead, and such an awesome OT!!! *shrieks* Ahh!!! The West won! We won! I didn't think it would be that close, but ... *smooches Nazzy and Paulie and yes, Guerin too* How fucking amazing was Lalime? How fucking amazing was Turco? Jesus! Eee, Lariya love at the end. I wonder if Teemu was jealous. :P

I love hockey!!!

Okay because he was so good, I'm gonna rave about Lalime again. He would make an unbelievable first save and then he would follow up with one like ten times better on the rebound! My jaw just dropped. He's absolutely phenomenal!!! He so deserved MVP for being amazing. But on the face of it, yeah, 4 goals + shootout goal, they're kind of obligated to give it to Dany. But Lalime so deserved it for being just fucking supernatural!

So yeah, I'm feeling pretty great right now. :)
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