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Hockey and TV

I went to Game 1 with tersa and quite enjoyed it, despite the loss and feeling nauseous (from excitement, haha) the whole game. The Sharks failed to capitalize on a lot of chances (which is really... not new) but really, having chances to fail on is an improvement on not generating those great chances at all. :P I fast forwarded through most of the Habs/Flyers game, but... wow. I figured the Flyers were going to be tenacious, but that's a whole lot of tenacity.

I'm looking at the list of renewals and cancellations and... I'm sad that FlashForward got canceled. It got really good after the hiatus so I wish it got the same chance that Fringe did in its first season. V got renewed instead, which is... meh. It's all right, but FlashForward is much better.

Heroes was canceled, which is not surprising. They just made so many mistakes in the second and third seasons that it couldn't be saved. I bet fan fic writers could have come up with some great fics that continue the storyline after Season 1. That should be a big bang challenge or something. Trauma was canceled too. I enjoyed that but mostly because it was shot in San Francisco, hehe. Better Off Ted was canceled, and I absolutely loved that show, but I'm all right with having gotten as many episodes as I did. It's my feeling towards Arrested Development. The "Racial Sensitivity" episode is a classic!

I'm really excited that Human Target got renewed! It's just a fun action show and I really enjoy that "light action" genre, stuff like Leverage and Burn Notice. Plus the Guerrero character is awesome and I love Chi McBride from his Pushing Daisies role. Chuck was renewed too and I enjoy that show but I wouldn't have been sad to see it go.

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