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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Better than a character named after you

I'm a bit behind on Supernatural so I'm just now watching the episode with all the gods. And and and... I think they may have ripped off some fan fic crossovers!!! Or at least gone to the sources and ripped those off instead. ♥

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I kinda loved that episode! Especially since the Trickster was in it. I love that character, but I loved all the other gods, too. :D

Except I had issues with Baldur having a bigger role at the table than Odin, but eh. Minor quibble. :)

Their best episodes are when they rip off good sources and their weakest ones are when they attempt to do their own thing, unfortunately.

aww they are finally ripping off decent stuff!

Yeah, unfortunately the next episode they went back to their own lame story advancement. But then last night's was good. Toying with our emotions!

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