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No sleep till Brooklyn

The extra day between games provided some much-needed rest. Not for the players--for ME. :P Thanks to my stupid decision to start playing Neverwinter Nights just before the playoffs, I have basically been wandering around in a haze of sleep deprivation, adrenaline and premenstrual distress for three weeks. I'm hoping for some good sleep tonight because I really need to recover, hehe.

Game 1 was absolutely terrifying for me. Towards the end of the game I actually had to sing to calm down because my chest was all tight and it was making me nauseous. And then tonight whenever we had the lead I was shivering weakly with nervousness. (Strangely enough, I was calm when we were down and not as anxious when we were tied.) But in general I'm much calmer this playoffs than in previous years, it's just my sleep deprivation stupidity that's making things so physically taxing for me. :P

Anyway, 2-0 is awesome (and better than 1-1, or god forbid, 0-2) but at this point, we have just held serve. The faceoff advantage will slide over to Detroit's side, there's not going to be 10 penalties called on them again, the Sharks are not great (i.e. terrible) in Joe Louis Arena, etc. etc. And I think the Sharks are aware of all of this, but rather than being depressed about it, they'll prepare to be better in Game 3.

I was glad that Patty was scratched for Game 1. If you're too sick or too injured to play, don't play. One player being ineffective seems to drag the whole team down. I've seen it with other players on other teams too.

Heatley's peg leg seems to be much better. Not 100% and certainly doesn't have the hands he did before, but he's doing other things to be effective and not doing a pylon impression. Joe also seems to be better. Perhaps more defensive focus has been shifted to Pavelski's line? Not that it's hampered them so far... Detroit is a bit more conducive to the Gold Medal Line (sadly, it takes TSN to come up with a decent name for that line) than Colorado was.

A lot was made of fatigue for Detroit and playing after "only" 48 hours and umm... isn't that what they've been doing all year? I suppose what they really mean is the emotional expenditure in a Game 7, especially one in which the team was completely dominant. I thought it was actually going to be a tougher game for the Sharks because we're so bad after extended rest, but it really helped Peg Leg and heal up and Joe err... get better?

It's just nice to not lose Game 1 AGAIN.

I don't know that I've ever seen this many penalties called in a playoff game that 1) didn't involve brawls or 2) take place the first playoffs after the lockout when they were all gung ho about calling penalties like the regular season, blah blah blah.

The worst one was probably the "holding" call on Bertuzzi for pushing Vlasic down. Bert has always been called unfairly for penalties though, dating back to his Vancouver days. The Abdelkader goalie interference I've seen called in the regular season before, Bert's could have been let go, Heatley's was of the "shouldn't have been called, but have seen it called before" type. Patty's penalty for boarding Brad Stuart's elbow was a little bizarre. Maybe someone else committed it and they got his number instead?

I don't know, looking at the list of penalties, aside from what I mentioned above, when you look at the replays, you wouldn't say "you can't call that".

Clowe's goal was pretty crazy. He said in the postgame interview he wasn't trying to go between his legs and thought he'd gone around his skate. He had to watch the replay to see it. I really enjoy his success, although it's always bittersweet for me because I see him as the Scott Thornton that could have been.

The GWG was a lucky break (literally), but it's not a guarantee that they would have capitalized on it. I know everyone says that the Sharks are a talented team and they are, compared to... the Minnesota Wild, but the Red Wings are more talented and the Sharks have to work harder than the Wings to beat them.

Games 3 and 4 will be tough. For me, that is, hahaha. I'm trying not to think about them. :P I do think Helminen will play well, though, provided he's not scratched. And has more than 2 minutes of ice time.

I am too tired to write about Mr. Pavelski. But thanks to Battle of California, I don't have to!

Joe Pavelski was born on July 11th, 1984, which makes him a Cancer. Cancers are sensitive, introverted, and can be difficult to get to know. Cancers bond best with either Pisces or other Cancers. On the Sharks' roster, Pavelski is most compatible with fellow Cancers Joe Thornton and Dan Boyle, which explains why the three of them are often seen hot-tubbing together and walking on the street holding hands.
Many people believe Joe started playing hockey at the age of two, but this is inaccurate. He actually started as a zygote, and his tough physical play caused his mother a great deal of distress during her first trimester of pregnancy.

lastcatastrophe pointed out some article where they talked about Pavelski being "charismatic" as a means to put down Patty and/or Joe. Pavelski has the charisma of a park bench. He's awesome and has been since the Olympics, but he doesn't have the success he does without the 3rd and 4th lines actually accomplishing stuff (and not just skating grimly around and taking unscreened shots from the blueline occasionally) which they're doing this year, compared to the past.

But oh man, he's made me cry so much already this playoffs. Just watching his History Will Be Made thingie makes me weepy.

[Edit: LOL, TSN feed shows Pavelski jumping up and down after Joe scores.]

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