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Next--free lunch boxes!

I was planning to stay home yesterday to watch hockey but Chip and Jenny are in town and organized a group to go to the Giants game and Alex and Tessa + baby were going and it was a really nice day and lastcatastrophe was going with her mom (even though she IGNORED my text at the game!!!) and and... so I missed the last few minutes of the Yotes/Wings game, but it was was already 5-1 at that point and bought the cheapest ticket and just squished in with the group in the bleachers.

It was a pretty terrible game. By the time we got there and got food and everything, Cain's day was already over. :( There were a couple of brilliant catches by the center fielder, but otherwise, bleah. But that was fine cos' we got to walk around with the baby (she's too short to go down the slide, unfortunately) and she got to watch the mini-AT&T Park where they have tee ball set up for little kids or a guy to "pitch" for the older kids but that line was pretty long and the game was ending.

Most importantly, though, I GOT TO RUN THE BASES!!!!!!!!! :D Okay, technically the baby got to run the bases and I got to run with her, but I'm 100% certain that I had more fun doing it! It was also kinda' funny cos' Alex and I were in line and they said I could go with the baby but Alex was kicked to the curb when I'm obviously not the mom and he's obviously the dad hahaha.

Kings were eliminated last night. I got a little emotional at the end of the game! I think it was seeing Luongo all happy like that and all of his past Team Canada boys saying nice things to him during the handshake. The Kings actually put up a much better showing during the series than I expected, given the way that they ended the season.

I was listening to a Jim Fox interview on NHL Live and he talked about how the coach said that Doughty and JJ were working together a lot better and tapping each other with their sticks for encouragement and helping each other out and generally being nice to each other (coach kind of came across like a proud matchmaker or something) and they were discussing whether that meant they used to hate each other's guts. :P But it was more like that unspoken competition with each other and then there's the fact JJ is the older guy but Doughty is a better defenseman.

Reminds me of the situation with Cain and Lincecum at first where they kind of looked at each other as competition and more or less ignored each other. Cain's the guy who was there first (he's a month younger than Timmy but it's really just best to think of him as older) and then Timmy comes along and is a freak, but now they're like BFFs and listen to Kings of Leon together.

Saving my ramblings about the Sharks for a long evaluation-type post that will come... uhh sometime before Round 2 starts?

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