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The morning after (after)

REPORTER: It's been a while since you've had a shutout in the playoffs.
NABBY: *grumpy* Thanks for reminding me.

Oh Nabby, never change. Game 5 was awesome because it was the least stressful game in the series. I kind of felt it would be when I was on my way to the game. Completely calm, got excited when the game started, but not nervous. The Sharks had a lot of chances in the first period that were really close. Open nets, shots if taken without needing to settle the puck down would have gone in, etc. But Craig Anderson was bobbling pucks and giving up rebounds. I was laughing after the 4th or 5th missed chance because it was getting ridiculous and I thought eventually we'd break through.

After the first goal went in, I was already thinking that Heatley was going to get a cheap one on the 4th and that Manny Malhotra would score busting in on the right wing at some point. Sadly, he (Manny) didn't, though it wasn't for lack of trying!

I had no idea that Jamie McGinn was so feisty! But apparently he was PIM leader for the 67s! It just... doesn't fit. He looks like he could be a hobbit extra in Lord of the Rings. He should be asking about second breakfast, not pointing at the Avs bench and basically challenging the entire team. There was also pointing and yapping by Clowe, which was funny. Watched the game on TV later and Pavelski was also yapping at the Avs. And Heatley was also standing up, but not saying anything. Really, his ugly face is offensive enough. :P

Camera had a totally awesome shot of Clowe saying, "You want me? Let's go!" I may have to make that into an icon.

[Edit: They did a closeup of McGinn during the anthem. That was the first time I noticed that he was even trying to grow a playoff beard!]

Maaaaaaaarian scored in OT and had some kind of excited Euro celebration! NBC deprived me of an interview with him and went straight to... something to do with horses. I don't know. :( I don't want to hear from Duncan Keith goddamnit, I want Marian!!!

The latest episode of Sharks Late Night Confidential is up, and it's gayer than ever!!! So they put a picture of Slappy, the ventriloquist dummy that Joe used in his Sharks commercial, in the corner of a picture frame and when the camera pans up to show Slappy, you see the reflection of a young, somewhat well-built guy in a fitting T-shirt sitting in bed!!!!!! And then the camera quickly pans away!

But then it's revealed that it's actually Brad Staubitz (the "special guest") and he's sitting in a chair, not on the bed. :P Then Randy says, "Let's get something out right of the bat--this is the first time we've ever been in a hotel room together." Then they actually do an admirable job of talking about the Sharks and the series blah blah blah and it's not gay for a long time and then Randy blurts, "You got the NHL abs going on."

I really do think the creepiest/sleaziest thing about the whole thing might be the white bathrobe...


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