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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Ryane Clowe

And that's why you should split the top line up

Man, I was totally expecting Dany "Peg Leg" Heatley to get the 4th (pointless goal) tonight. Instead he gets the assist on the 5th (pointless) goal. Too much screaming, no voice. Loved... almost everyone tonight. Torrey Mitchell with Patty and Joe is awesome. Pavelski's line was more than awesome again. I've never seen Clowe skate and stickhandle that well ever. ♥ And for whatever reason, Heatley and Couture play well together, so... even though he has a peg leg and makes Douglas Murray look mobile, if he has to be playing, I'm okay with it as long as he's with Couture.

Logan Couture. Pavelski. Sharks should just draft the boys with big teeth.

More tomorrow, must sleep now. 9:30 AM meeting *grumble* *mumble*

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tell us how you really feel about dany babe :)

I can't believe I used to defend the guy, what an ass he turned out to be.

I think I'm just going to call him Peg Leg from now on. Plus he has certain piratical aspects about him, like requiring an eye patch.

(Deleted comment)
Hehe, well his skating is a lot better now than it used to be. He plays his role well.

I would never call any playoff goal "pointless".

Hehe what about Bernie's goal, the last of 7 in the Canucks win? :)

Intimidation and humiliation is nothing to scoff at. If you can break the other team down by driving up the score, however it happens, it's not pointless.

Yeah, but you make your point at a certain number, beyond which it just doesn't have an effect. Does Bernie's goal actually make a difference when the Kings have already been thoroughly routed at that point?

Yes. Resoundingly, yes. Each and every goal makes a difference. It's just another punch to the gut. It doesn't NOT hurt just because you're numb to it; everything else has just drowned it out.

I think by the time you get to goal #99 it's time to get the shotgun out. *giggle*

That's true, yes. But I doubt you would ever find a player who would tell you they didn't have a preference between having 99 goals against and 100.

In the postseason, each and every goal is a chance to humiliate the opposition.

Patty making a funny face!!! ♥

They might have a preference, but it's not really going to make a difference in how they perform in the next game with 99 vs 100. It's pointless in the context of affecting the outcome of the next game. An extra goal may make them feel marginally worse, but ultimately all I care about is whether we win that next game or not.

Every goal is pointless in affecting the outcome of the next game; Each game stands alone, as it should.

Ahh, that's not the case in a playoff series, though. If you lose a close game or if you get routed, it affects how the coaches approach practice, affects the players' mindset and focus, etc.

It's like what Drew said about the Sharks' very first playoff series. They went into Detroit and got annihilated, then the Wings relaxed and the Sharks were able to take advantage of that in the next game.

If something is pointless, it doesn't have any meaningful effect. If a goal has no influence on the outcome (i.e. win or loss) of the game (or future games), then to me it's pointless. I'm happy that Patty scored, but our win was sealed at that point barring a gigantic collapse even more unlikely than Dan Boyle's own goal.

I completely absolutely disagree, but I can see why one could argue otherwise.

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