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And that's why you should split the top line up

Man, I was totally expecting Dany "Peg Leg" Heatley to get the 4th (pointless goal) tonight. Instead he gets the assist on the 5th (pointless) goal. Too much screaming, no voice. Loved... almost everyone tonight. Torrey Mitchell with Patty and Joe is awesome. Pavelski's line was more than awesome again. I've never seen Clowe skate and stickhandle that well ever. ♥ And for whatever reason, Heatley and Couture play well together, so... even though he has a peg leg and makes Douglas Murray look mobile, if he has to be playing, I'm okay with it as long as he's with Couture.

Logan Couture. Pavelski. Sharks should just draft the boys with big teeth.

More tomorrow, must sleep now. 9:30 AM meeting *grumble* *mumble*
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