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The last time I was in a hotel room filming a video, it was very different

So I finally watched the "Sharks Late Night Confidential" videos that the Sharks broadcasters have been doing after the Avs games and... they mostly consist of Randy and Drew slashing each other ridiculously. And talking about the Sharks a little bit. (Dubious) highlights include:

  • DREW: "The last time I was in a hotel room filming a video, it was very different."
  • DREW: "How to handle Dan Boyle? Well, first take away all the belts and shoelaces from him."
  • Jamie Baker doing yoga.
  • Randy in a white bathrobe.
  • Drew saying that Randy's wife already has a bad opinion of him, she doesn't want him to be in his bedroom.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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