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The Invincible M.A.E.

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We lost, but not horribly

So yeah, we lost, but I don't feel that bad. Neither team was great exactly, but I'm just glad we didn't give up at the end. Oh, Nabby. *sniffle*

Chip called Petr a dork for tucking his jersey in and said that he has a mullet. *sighs* He does kind of need to cut his hair. :(

The Ducklings are so little!

We didn't hit them enough! When you play the Ducklings, you have to pound them into submission to win.

Seems to have been kind of a mixed hockey night.

Boy, am I looking forward to this weekend. :)

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Well yah, didn't you hear Drew? When you play Anaheim you have to get all your ducks in a row - I think he meant that in the "they're then easier to mow down" sort of way, eh? ;)

LOL! I was at the game but I did tape it. *giggle* I wonder if everyone thought I was psycho chick for yelling "HIT THEM!" repeatedly throughout the game. ;)


Did you see Sunny's pretty goal last night?

I heard about it, but I didn't see it! What happened? Was it a nice one?

*nods* not like, uber-pretty or anything, but nice setups, nice plays, nice goal. *pets him*

Made it to the AM 3-play.

it made sportsnet pacific's plays of the night too :)

Eee! Not yet! But I do have NHL2Night taped. Oh, duh, I should just watch it on nhl.com

*hugs the teeny tiny ducks* but yes pound them into submission.... *g* mmm mental picture *giggles*

*giggle* I love them, but yes, that's the way to beat them. And uhh ... *dies*

*grin* great phrasing there with that one Mae :D

Petr always tucks his jersey in. And eep! Don't pound them..they're so little and precious... *protects them*

Eee! Major dorkage! Dude I forgot to say that Petr is puck-gathering boy. You know how in warm-ups just before the game they toss lots of pucks out there? Petr shepherds them and stuff. It was very cute. :)

Lol. Generally it's one of the d-men like Footer or Hatch.

Yeah, the D did it too, but I think Petr just likes being in charge of something. :)

Or he likes herding sheep. *g*

You know, I can totally see him herding sheep somewhere and being really happy doing it. Then he'd go roll in the hay with farmer!Arnie.

Ahhhhh! Farmer!Arnie..with like overalls and no shirt. lol

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