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This is the first time I'm going into the playoffs without that nervous dread I usually have. Definitely jittery excitement, but that was for the playoffs as a whole. The Sharks' problem last year wasn't that the team played badly, but they played the same way they did in the regular season and that's kind of the feel I had on Wednesday--regular season game. The Avs were a challenging team for the Sharks (actually pretty much every team was from my perspective, LOL) during the regular season series (even though it was split) and that's carried on into the playoffs.

I would actually like to see the top line split up (and not just to get Heatley away from Patty). We did that to get out of the 6 game losing streak and I thought it was working pretty well, but then the three of them whined at McLellan and he put them together. Okay, maybe he just decided they should get used to playing with each other again for the playoffs but I like the whiny version of the story better. :P

I'm pleasantly surprised how close all of the games have been so far. Every one a 1-goal game! And for the most part, low-scoring. I think that trend is going to be broken tonight when the Hawks score a bunch of goals against the Preds. Also, my only specific prediction (Keith Yandle) has already partly come true! I hadn't ever seen his face before Wednesday, haha. He is... not entirely hideous.


I listen to a FlashForward podcast and somebody who works for Nielsen wrote to them and spilled the beans on how the system works. Someone calls a household and offers them money to be a Nielsen household and gathers demographic data. Most people are lazy or have vague privacy concerns and don't want the device in their house. So the people who end up becoming Nielsen households are low income or lower middle class households. In general, these people watch a lot of reality television and not... Dollhouse.

So ratings are not anything close to a fair representation of America's (and Canada's) watching habits. They are a skewed view that's based mostly on one demographic. This is why so many great shows have terrible ratings. Because the people who are watching them aren't represented at all in the Nielsen ratings.

And there's no incentive for Nielsen to fix anything because most of their money is made from selling the demographic data that they collect to companies. I want the transition to on demand paid content to happen right now. :P


I also listen to D&D podcasts (yeah, geeky) and... it feeds into my ongoing concern at how much slash has made it into the mainstream.

Podcast #1 (Critical Hit):
Stephen: You were at my house. You could have gotten the thing while I was taking a shower.
Brian: It was dark.
Matthew:Well, that was a strangely homoerotic moment.
Stephen: Ladies and gentleman, the first Critical Hit slash fiction!
Matthew: *mumbles* I don't think it's the first one...

Then in the second podcast, which is an interview with Ed Greenwood (D&D source book writer and novelist), he talks about how he doesn't want his books to be "Mary Sues" and... okay, maybe that's a term that's used for creative writing in general, but I only know of it in a fan fiction context!


So for unknown reasons, the HD feed for Fox and CBS have just stopped working for me. I can't call and bitch Comcast out for it because... I don't have a HD package. I just use the free feed that my TV can tune to (I don't know the details of this, only that it works). So this means I chose to watch Supernatural last night instead of Fringe. Most of the episode was awful, but it was redeemed by a couple of things, one of them very significant.

The bad:
  1. ADAM: Why should I trust you over freaking angels???
    SAM: Uhh... because we're blood?

    Do they not have 432072803074 stories about why angels shouldn't be trusted? How about an explanation of what saying yes to Michael really entails? But no, let's stupidly not give any information to Adam because that will mean he'll 100% go running to the angels later to advance the plot. Lazy writing.

  2. ADAM: Wah, my life sucked so much, I only had daddy one day a year.
    SAM: Dude, having him all year was much worse.
    SAM: Sorry, dude. *looks constipated and swallows a bunch*

    Yes, because Adam's life was worse than the boys who had their mother eviscerated and then set on fire as little kids, then had to move around from city to city hunting monsters with a demanding, emotionally inaccessible father. No, Sam really has nothing to say in response to how much better they had it than poor Adam. Because then maybe Adam would start to feel compassion for them and wouldn't go running to the angels later to advance the plot. Lazy writing.

  3. DEAN: Wah, we may as well have just shot all of those people who died fighting on our side. Oh, and I don't believe in you.
    SAM: *looks constipated and swallows a bunch*

    I've already ranted about this a lot before. :P I think when he includes people like Ellen and Jo who were fully aware of what they were doing and what the consequences would be, it's insulting to them. It's implying that they're not responsible or accountable for their own lives. It's like *LOST SPOILER* when Jack gets blamed for Juliet's death. Yes, it was his idea, but she made her choice of her own free will.

    Anyway, I literally yawned through this whole scene (I was actually pretty tired last night). :P

  4. DEAN: *pulls the oldest trick in the book as the prisoner who ducks out of sight/pretends to be sick/etc. and makes the captor open the door to check it out, then escapes*
    CASTIEL: *falls for it completely*

    Now, Dean has the runes carved into his bones and everything so Castiel isn't always aware of where he is. And he probably hasn't watched enough TV to be familiar with above tactic. But he's still an angel with like... special angel senses! He shouldn't be falling for stupid tricks like that. But Dean has to escape so he can go be stupid to advance the plot. Lazy writing.

The good:
  1. Castiel beating the shit out of Dean. Pure awesomeoness. Reminded me of the scene where *LOST SPOILER* Jacob beats the shit out of Richard Alpert. Love it.

  2. The return of the old Dean. He gets the devil-may-care spit in the face of destiny attitude back at the end. Mostly I'm just excited at the prospect of not having to watch him cry again. :D


Going to Game 2 tonight with lastcatastrophe!!!!!! :D
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