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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Playoff picks

Now that everything is set, it's time to do picks! This is the least amount of agonizing I've ever done when picking series winners. Doesn't mean I'll be any more accurate, though. ;)

My picks underlined:

  • Avalanche/Sharks: Umm, no comment.

  • Predators/Blackhawks: The Blackhawks are a really good team and sure, they don't have the best goalie, but you don't need a fantastic goalie to win a series (or win the Cup--see Chris Osgood). You just need someone who's good enough and isn't going to just drool stupidly when the playoffs start. Pekka Rinne hasn't really shown the potential to be a 2003 Giguere or 2006 Cam Ward and the Hawks are better than the Preds by a large enough margin that the Preds won't be able to make up that difference without the insane goalie.

  • Kings/Canucks: The Kings just weren't that great coming down the stretch. I've been umm, watching a lot of their games since the Olympic break. *coughs* I'll enjoy watching them in the playoffs, though.

  • Red Wings/Coyotes: I give the Wings the edge here not because of how good they were at the end of the season, but because they have tons of playoff experience and Phoenix, not so much. I will enjoy watching the Coyotes too. I think Keith Yandle has the potential to become a real break out performer in this series. He's one of the few defensemen I really, really like.

  • Canadiens/Capitals: My only question in this one is whether the Caps will sweep or not.

  • Flyers/Devils: To be honest, I haven't watched enough of the east this season to make an informed decision. But the season series is 4-2 in favour of the Flyers, they have balanced scoring, and gosh darn it, I just love Brian Boucher. :)

  • Bruins/Sabres: Ryan Miller is fantastic, and from what I hear, Boston has been kinda' goal challenged this season. Meanwhile, I've just never been sold on Tim Thomas and that's who they're starting in goal?

  • Senators/Penguins: This is a 4-5 match up, but it would seem like a huge upset if the Pens lose. This will be an interesting series with the two teams having played each other twice already in recent history. I don't know. I feel like the expectation that the Pens will win might be enough for them to win.

Generally I do better on picks when there's lots of upsets, but I only picked two upsets and one of them is pretty iffy. This is really just for my future reference anyway. :)

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Avalanche/Sharks yeah I can't ever really get behind the avs, I don't know why.

Predators/Blackhawks and not just because oh my god I hate the predators they are a drain on AIR. The blackhawks seem to have a good team that isn't quite there but is ripe for a few upsets.

Kings/Canucks I like frala a lot.

Red Wings/Coyotes the wings just seem to have the mana to win a round on experience alone. The 'yotes not so much, but there is room for an upset.

Canadiens/Capitals yeah, no Montreal. Good luck winning at least one game on home ice.

Flyers/Devils flyers seem to have more, god oomph is the only word I can think of, than the Devils this year.

Bruins/Sabres: This one I have no clue, I don't think I have registered either of them, lets say Bruins because they are likely to get Toronto's high draft pick.

Senators/Penguins It would take an intervention from god for the sens to win this. But I do think they will win at least one home game.

Re: I'll bold my picks

It's weird so many people are picking the Flyers even though the Devils have Brodeur and hmm, I just realized that Lemaire is their coach. We'll see. I gotta pick at least one upset every year, hehe.

Re: I'll bold my picks

well the sens won their one game.

Re: I'll bold my picks

Yeah, I get the feeling they've unleashed the monster.

Let us start a Random Kings Appreciation newsletter. I'm rooting for them to oust the Canucks, just because it would be hilarious. With a Dustin Brown body slam somewhere in there. And Jonathan Quick won't be sad anymore. FML why do I like this team.

Also, Bruins will probably go with Rask. PD said he's the most likely candidate to "Jonas-Hiller a team," which made me spit out my tap water from glee.

It was one word for me: Olympics. *siiiiigh*

The Canucks Uncertainty Principle may yet be in effect this year, i.e. anything can happen. It will likely be entertaining.

Rask gives the Bruins a better chance, but I still like the Sabres. Stupid eastern conference with their higher seeds clearly being better than lower seeds.

Avalanche/Sharks - Sharks sweep? The Aves are going to be good in the future, but they've got too many question marks right now.

Preds/Blackhawks - Hawks in six.I HAAAATE the Preds.

Kings/Canucks - Canucks in six, as much as it pains me.

Wings/Coyotes - The Dead Things live long enough to ruin another playoff series.

Caps/Montreal - Sweeep.

Flyers/Devils - Devils in five.

Bruins/Sabres - This series is all about Miller Time.

Sens/Pens - Pens in six.

(Also, omg, I might have watched this vid a million times already: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEEKQcLMepw )

Argh, JJ's highlight is against the Sharks, LOL! I also like how he basically scored a forward's goal. :P

Sharks have had problems with the Avs this year, but they are kind of wounded going in. No complaints about this match up. Everyone hates the Preds! It's the passion that unites us all.

and gosh darn it, I just love Brian Boucher. :)

This, to me, is as legit a reason as any :)

Here's hoping he still has some of that old magic. :)

I basiacally agree with you.

I love my habs, but they don't have a snowball's chance in hell against the Caps...

it's no fun facing a juggernaut.

I honestly feel like the Hawks/Preds series is Jonathan Toews leading the march against evil. LEST THEY OVERCOME THE EARTH. ... It doesn't feel like overdramatising to me :(

Hey, we had to deal with them twice, the Wings had to deal with them twice. It's time for somebody else to defend the free world. :P

(Deleted comment)
Well, it was the riskiest of my picks. I gotta have at least one upset! (Detroit doesn't count)

(Deleted comment)
Well, the Preds are pesky so the series will probably be... competitive, but I think the Hawks are going to prevail.

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