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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Ryane Clowe

Nothing left to do but wait

Hopefully that's all it will take for Henrik to get the Art Ross.

I was slightly disturbed tonight when Heatley scored a goal to get to 40 (and 300 career) and I was briefly happy. But then they said it was actually Patty's goal and I felt MUCH MUCH better.

I got all weepy during Clowe's postgame interview. Like, usually everyone is all serious business during these interviews (except Pavelski during the USA chants) and then they run away, but he was actually smiling and seemed really excited about the playoffs.

And I'm excited because all of our boys are actually playing well. Heatley, Joe and Patty are probably the worst right now actually, haha. The Western Conference just depresses me right now. *swaps with east* The Sharks have done all they can, it will be up to the Wings/Hawks game tomorrow to determine whether they're #1 or #2. I feel like #1-#4 in the west are playing Russian Roulette and Detroit is the bullet. :P

Ahaha during the video tribute for Mike Modano tonight in Minnesota, Jere Lehtinen turns to the camera with this expression like, "Jesus fucking Christ, do we have to watch Modano cry again???" Really awesome that he was #1 star and skated around in his North Stars jersey. :)

Sadly the broadcast ended with Heatley in a black T-shirt with like... cut off sleeves and you could see his bald spot and... this was the final image of the Sharks regular season. :( Umm, bring on the playoffs?

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well if you start with a shot of heatley then the only way is up!

Yeah, I caught the end of it again while archiving the game and it actually ends with a nice shot of some Sharks fans. I was just so haunted by the Heatley shot I thought it was the last one!

Edited at 2010-04-11 05:14 pm (UTC)

That's ALWAYS Jere's face! ;) LOL!!!! HEY! The big Italian didn't actually cry in front of the cameras last night. hahaha! He better freaking retire, I don't want anymore of this. ;)

Haha, now that you mention it he DOES always look like that. He didn't WEEP but he was definitely teary-eyed. Yeah, last thing he needs to do is pull a Favre. :P

Well, he's said he may have some Favreitis. *snort* But he hasn't actually retired or said he's going it, soooo he can't really be Favre. Yet! Bah! I can't take him doing this again next year. Thursday was way too hard.

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