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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jack Johnson

This would be when Donnie Wahlberg HAD HAIR

So I am apparently not the only person who looks at hockey teams and picks 5 of the players to be in a boy band.

When my roommate played at Staples Center last week, they gave him an autographed picture of a Kings player. Cool. The player was Jack Johnson. Not cool. He has stupid highlights in his hair and he's trying to look tough while completing a slap shot, but the worst part is the nickname assigned to him on the top of the page. The nickname? J.J. It's actually quite perfect if you think about it; Johnson looks like the "bad boy" from a boy band, so why not call him J.J.?

So that naturally got me thinking, who else would be in this theoretical boy band?

Read the rest here.

For me, my boy band members are all from the Sens, who for all intents and purposes WERE a boy band a few years ago. More Menudo than Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC because of the constant replacements (Menudo boys get older, Sens get traded or sign elsewhere), it's all documented here *shameless self-promotion*:

Making the Band
Making the Band 2
Making the Band 3

Wait, if the Sens are like Menudo, does this mean that one day a former member player will come out like Ricky Martin did?

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I like the idea of Pat Quinn being a boy band manager.

Just his disgust with himself would make it worthwhile.

He would be such an AWESOME manager! He would be all cranky and make fun of the boys but do a good job getting them gigs and roll his eyes at the choreography and and...

I think you're still thinking about Robyn's fic. :P

Your icon forces me to ask. Did he ACTUALLY sign his name with JMFJ?

The Jack Johnson part is definitely his signature. I'm... hoping that the person ASKED him to put JMFJ instead of his number.

I love Making the Band so much it's shameful. I have re-read it so many times and giggle all the way through every time. In conclusion, you rock. :)

Aww, thanks, I'm glad it makes you laugh! That Sens team was so ridiculous. Can't believe Spezza is the only original band member left! :P

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