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No drinking, no gambling, no premarital sex--Dean, that's 90% of your personality!

Well, it's been an entertaining night. Tonight was the annual pre-playoff Canucks/Sharks gong show game. I'm serious, every year right before the playoffs start the Canucks and Sharks will play the final game of their season series, one team will grossly outscore the other, everyone will get into numerous scrums and there will be as many players in the penalty box as there are on the bench.

At one point they showed one of those locker room cam shots and Drew started doing some colour commentary on it and circled a pile of hockey stuff on the floor and said it was Joe's and that "everything comes off" at intermissions. :( :( :( Joe was shirtless, of course, but Patty was too again. Joe is such a bad influence on him.

Enjoyable episode of FlashForward tonight with lots more character development and silly moments and good stuff like that. There's a FlashForward podcast I listen to and this one guy has a segment on it every episode and they named a character after him in the show!!! The head writer (now show runner) listens to the podcast and has even been interviewed on it before and he decided to put in that little easter egg. I totally flipped out when I saw his name!

Supernatural was... well, it included 2 of the things I dislike the most about show: Winchesters being irrationally blamed for someone's death and Dean in dramatic scenes. Like yes, people who have lost loved ones are irrational and will blame everyone for their deaths, but this is a town of people who are slaughtered every day suddenly and senselessly. I don't think they go I BLAME YOU!!! after every death.

But awesome line (see subject) and Dean's expression when Castiel called him an abomination was priceless.

Also, now that time has passed, I'm not as unhappy with last week's episode. I absolutely loved that God basically told everyone to fuck off. Reminds me of Preacher.

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