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Whooping Cough? Seriously?

So I had a cold recently and at the end of it I was left with lingering, deep, rattling coughing fits that ended up in throwing up like half the time. I took Mucinex DM (cough suppressant + expectorant) for a few days, but it didn't get rid of the coughing so I went to see the doctor today.

(Okay, I've very rarely gone to the doctor since I came to the US but I'm so geeked out about being able to make appointments with the doctor online and being able to browse for appointments and stuff! So much better than going to the doctor when I was a kid, hehe.)

He thinks that I may have whooping cough. >.< It could also be post-nasal drip but he's being on the safe side because someone in Marin got whooping cough recently. I had some blood drawn by a tall, skinny guy called HARLEY who seemed to be either stoned or... special (yes, he did look like Patrick Kane) so they can test for what it is, and I picked up some super duper antibiotics which will treat either the whooping cough or whatever else it is. :P

Timmy is on the mound today and I'll be recording the game, but there is really no room in my consciousness for baseball right now, it's all HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY (Jack Johnson)1 HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY. I still have Timmy's first game from last season on my DVR, unwatched for the same reason.

1. The LA Kings player, not the singer from Hawaii.

[Edit: Someone called "Dany Douchebag" started following me on Twitter and my immediate thought was OMG DANY HEATLEY RUINS EVERYTHING.]
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