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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Yum, sushi

Ahh, I'm all stuffed on sushi now, and sleepy, and happy. :)

*shrieks* We won 3 games in a row! *faints* Now I'm all nervous about tomorrow's game. Actually I'm nervous before every game. :P Just finished watching taped Leafs/Canes. *hugs Leafs*

McCabe's mohawk is ... interesting. Is it just me, or was the post hit a lot during that game? Ahh, Belak defending Tucker's honor! Damn, McCabe's ass is big! *giggle* Tie going over to ruffle Belak's hair while he was in the penalty box for fighting and being all proud of him.

They talked about CS and how it seems like a world away that he was a Flyer and in the LOD and I just got all sniffly. Partly that's lack of sleep, which always makes me more emotional, but ... dunno what it is about him. *sighs*

Dreamt that Thorty got traded to Senators. Woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. *whimper*

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*hugs* Aww, they'll snap and they'll break out of it, Camille!

hee *hugs leafs too*

big as bryan *giggles*

*huhggs you* Thorty... so sad :(

Dude, slow-mo hip check! That's one devastating ass!

*hugs* Thank you. *gulps in fear*


yeep :( *hugs again*

Yey Sharkies! *rattles noisemaker* :)

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