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  1. CHICAGO. I will be there late June with lastcatastrophe, tamiflu, fightgravity, early_afternoon, crankygeek and backcheck, who is there all the time. And possibly more of the Vegas gang will join us. *hops excitedly* I've been mumbling about going to Chicago for a while now (much like I was mumbling about Vegas for... a very long time :P) and thanks to a deal on flights for crankygeek and early_afternoon that expires at midnight, I flew into a panic and got the California girls on a conference call so we could coordinate flights.

    Then I found out the offer expires tomorrow midnight. *giggle* It was good to have the external deadline anyway.

  2. Dan Ellis (Preds goalie) is hilarious! Someone linked to his twitter after that crazy game the Sharks won 8-5 and this is like the funniest tweet ever:
    dellis39: Nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I started following him and then today he had some sort of close encounter with... well...
    dellis39: Walking from the hotel to the mall and saw three snakes and an eight foot Gator!!! Yikes
    dellis39: Just threw a rock at the gator. Note to self...Gators don't like rocks thrown at them and they can run really fast!!!
    dellis39: I lost him with some fancy footwork Another note to self dress shoes do not have good traction on wet grass! Tripped once thought game over


  3. Why does Ryane Clowe have Vanilla Ice hair? ♥ that he had the A tonight.

  4. I may have cried out in horror when I saw Joe crash into the boards last night. Relieved that it's not something that will keep him out of the playoffs (presumably). Still convinced that they chloroformed him and locked him in a closet to keep him out of tonight's game.

  5. I saw Malhotra get a puck right in the face then gush huge amounts of blood as he skated off the ice, then thought, oh, he's totally going to be all right. I've been watching hockey too long. (He did in fact play in tonight's game!)

  6. Patty was on After Hours last night.

    Now, this is mostly nice, and then it gets to the part where Patty talks about how even though he and Joe are totally entitled to their own rooms, for years he asked for them to be roommates and then smiled and stated "we switch". *traumatized* (Okay, they were asking him about who gets the remote, but still! Upsetting!) This, combined with him saying that Joe was the teammate that he's most thankful for, is just way too much Joe-love from him and I think he should cease and desist. :(

    Also, I find it hilarious that his son is a total Sidney Crosby fanboy.

  7. Matt Cain got an extension. I am pleased. :)

  8. Did I mention that I'm excited about Chicago??? And the Sharks won tonight (without Joe). I am so full of love.


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