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The Invincible M.A.E.

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We're in! :)

Sorry, ignore Heatley's face here.

2010 NHL Playoffs

Okay, so it's been pretty obvious for a while that the Sharks were going to make the playoffs. But I always get weepy whenever they clinch... anything. The first full year I followed the Sharks was the 02-03 season. Yes, I somehow picked the 1 season out of the past 11 the Sharks didn't make the playoffs to start following them. :P

Anyway, as a consequence I don't take anything for granted and I always appreciate it when we clinch a spot. :) (Added bonuses: 100 points, Nabby's 50th career shutout, woo!)

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Ugly face, so killed him.

It took months to get to the stage when I wasn't recoiling in horror from the sight of his face.

Congrats, dude! Just a few more games to go until all hell breaks loose... (Ugh, Kings, can make the playoffs, please? Things aren't looking so good right now.)

Thanks! It's unlikely that the Flames would make up 7 points with 8 games left (and the Kings have a game in hand). At this point it's more playoff positioning that's left to be determined.

Also, I like how in your icon Crosby is all shiny and happy and Jack is all I WILL KILL ANYONE WHO COMES CLOSE TO HIM.

Edited at 2010-03-27 08:27 am (UTC)

I'm a bit of a pessimist, and this playoff push business seems almost alien to me. Also, being a fan of a team that hasn't made the playoffs for ages makes things even more interesting. (Ugh, the Red Wings? Seriously? :/ Why won't they just go aawwwwaaaayyy.)

The last time the Kings made the playoffs was just before I started following hockey seriously! I do remember them upsetting the Red Wings back in 2001 though. :) It's very stressful when your team's in the playoffs, but also lots of fun.

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