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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Trenchcoat brigade!!!

Happy birthday, lastcatastrophe!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

This is pretty awesome. :P

I really like the current (hopefully FINAL) season of Supernatural because I've always liked the angel/demon war between heaven and hell thing, and this started with reading my sister's Hellblazer comics when I was 11 (which was my introduction to comics, in general). Then I just found out that Misha Collins said the wardrobe for Castiel is based on John Constantine, i.e. Mr. Hellblazer himself!!! If only they'd found better things to steal from in earlier seasons as far as the mythology was concerned...

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Supernatural should really have stolen it's season arc ideas from better sources and then just played on the leads abs and their chemistry as brothers.

Hellraiser! I love that and I have never ever read enough of it.

you know there was a really good dean/john con...ine fic about voodoo in new orleans that i can not find again. It has john paying he's of to 'put on his party frock' an coming back in a top hat to conduct a ritual. It was really good so of course now I can't find it anywhere!

Yeeeeeeees. And please, no more "dramatic" scenes for either of the brothers, especially Dean. No "crying"! :(

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