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So uhh, I forgot to thank Tammy for beta'ing and coming up with the title for Rebecca's birthday fic. *shamefaced* *clears throat* Thanks, Tammy!!!

Sharks/Kings last night: Ahh, shutout! Yay for Nabby! Yay for Bradley and Mush! We got a PPG! We PK'ed! But most importantly, we seem to have found that middle ground between being dominant and playing badly enough to just lose. Hmm, another Kings/Sharks is going on right now and we could be sucking ass ... wouldn't I be dumb? :P

Sunny's goal in Habs/Hawks was pretty!!! Yeah, I'm kind of mean for being so surprised. *giggle* I'm just used to him being good in that unquantifiable way.

*shrieks* Why do VCRs have to be fucking off to timer record? *rages* It's been like 20 years! Haven't they figured it out yet? They can take their stupid VCR+ system and shove it up their asses. Why do I have to remember to turn my VCR off?

Horribly behind on HD, but that just means I have lots of great ficcage to read. *sighs happily*

Should I go skiing this weekend? The weather report is kind of bad ... some snow and some rain on Saturday and partly cloudy on Sunday. And I didn't get much writing done the last time I went up, and what I did ended up not being quite right (for a birthday fic). Ahh screw it, it's All-Star Weekend. I'll go skiing in two weeks. :)

I'm listening to *gasp* opera. But it's in English. Facing Goya by Michael Nyman. He also did the soundtrack for Gattaca and the opera deals with the same kind of issues as that movie. Genetic determinism and all that. Can you measure a measure by the shape of their skull and the size of their brain? :)

Okay, home I go to watch the game.

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