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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hockey talk

I watched the BJs/Kings game I am slightly grumpy that Steve Mason almost stole a game from us on Saturday and then just crapped out last night. Maybe we depressed him or something. But still, bah!

Things I like about Jack Johnson: has a good sense of when to shoot from the point/blueline (could get more shots through, but at least they're not being blocked back for breakaway opportunities so that's okay), takes hits to make plays, pinches aggressively, generally without bad results, pretty good at tying up guys defensively, lopsided smile and passing resemblance to Tyler Arnason except not fat.

Things I do not like about Jack Johnson: doesn't seem to make or (especially) receive passes very well, seems a bit panicky (still undetermined whether he is actually panicking or just flailing about in excitement), I'm comparing him to Christian Ehrhoff so there isn't really that much to complain about.

Things I am amused or ambivalent about: the spin-o-rama (which he learned from Doughty?), the way he scrabbles around like a big dumb puppy when he's trying to get somewhere fast, his honesty and bluntness (which I actually love, but feel like it will get him in trouble one day and then he'll Tiger Woods up).

Wow, Matt Moulson is one step removed from a scary homeless guy.

I have been playing Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (this FPS from 2002) a little bit and Omaha Beach is brutal. If I had been there that day I would have been gunned down in the water before even reaching the beach. Ugh. I finally made it through the same way those guys did it, I guess. By all charging together in enough numbers that enemy fire couldn't take them all out.

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*G* That is not the first time I've heard "Big dumb puppy" or something of the like about Jack. He's like a giant black lab, he's so goofy and good natured, you just want to pet him.

This is true. And also feed him dog biscuits, although he might not be as happy about that...

*laughs* well, they do sell Scooby Snacks that are made of graham cracker!

I bet if you tossed one in the air he would totally open his mouth and try to catch it.

*laughs*...oh god, I can totally see that, and I love it.

Heh, I love the Omaha Beach landing! It feels so realistic, I try to dodge bullets from where I sit.

That level was actually quite fun! The sniper one, though... I can understand why everyone used to bitch about it.

I love your like and dislike list, because mine mirrors yours. JJ is one of those guys that you're either going to love or tempted to hate - there's almost no middle ground, I've come to realize from other fan reactions.

He is a big, floppy puppy, man.

Wow, Matt Moulson is one step removed from a scary homeless guy.

Haha, so true. You know that he's dating (engaged?) to Quick's sister, right? That's got to be pretty interesting.

Honesty is usually polarizing, which is why most hockey players talk the way they do. :P JR probably lurves him.

I didn't know about that! The hockey world is so incestuous, heh. Did they used to play together or something?

Moulson used to be a King, so he got called up throughout the past two seasons for cups of coffee here and there, but he didn't stick. He and Quick are pals, and before the Kings-NYI game this season, Moulson bet Quick that he'd get one past him and all that jazz, so sure enough, he did! Moulson's celebration and the expression on Quick's face was pretty lol-worthy, if I remember correctly.

Oh, that's why that name was so familiar! I remember Randy and Drew commenting about how it was a really good hockey name. :P That's a fun story.

I can't get over his name, isn't that the name of a singer?

and it sounds like the same name twice. Is his nickname JJ?

He is! Although I don't think I know any songs by him and keep thinking he's John Mayer (I don't know why).

His real name is (wait for it, wait for it) John Joseph Louis Johnson III. Yes! John Johnson III!!! It's a good thing the internets has renamed him JMFJ.

jamf sounds kinf og like bamf I guess.

er kind of like that should say. oops!

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