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I'm such a wuss

I had lots and lots of fun yesterday at the BJs/Sharks game! It was an Ice Insights game, which is this Q&A that the Sharks host for season ticket holders (tersa is one). Last night's panel was the Sharks TV and radio broadcasters: Randy, Drew, Jamie and Dan.

Yesterday was also a Sharks toque giveaway so they got some Sharks org people to give them out on the way into the room, and I got mine from Tom Holy, muahaha! The Q&A was really fun because 3 of the 4 broadcasters are Canadian and were in a good mood after Team Canada won gold. :P Lots of jokes and ribbing and funny anecdotes that ended with Jamie slashing Randy and Drew, which is hilarious and horrifying at the same time. ("I'm pretty sure that Randy and Drew share a room.") And then Drew invited Jamie to their room. :( I don't think they know what they're saying. :(

The game was pretty fun too. The Blue Jackets always seem to play well defensively against us and Steve Mason is usually good in the face of 40+ shots. When we were down 1-0 more than halfway into the 3rd period, my philosophy was that we should get 50 shots and then call it a night. I saw a Vermette-like object while I was searching for Vermette but didn't believe it was him at first because he's wearing 50, like a baby. I think he should get a real number. Nobody's going to respect him with a baby number. Also at one point Joe Thornton manhandled him and he emerged looking very disheveled (jersey pulled out, messy). I felt violated on his behalf.

Also, Heatley is a camper, which is a term I borrow from playing Quake. They were the guys who would "camp out" at the spots where weapons and items spawn and pick unarmed people off. Or get into a defensible position and snipe people. Everyone fucking hated those guys. In fact, you pretty much never see "camper" without "fucking" in front of it. Sadly, this comparison led to a very unfortunate statement I made about Heatley pitching a tent. :( :( :(

Mr. Pavelski saved the day by roofing a nice little wrist shot after going around the net and taking advantage of the confusion caused by Ryane Clowe driving hard and shooting on net. He was already really good in critical situations but I think the Olympics helped him out a lot. We chanted "USA!" while he was doing his first star interview. :D

I went to bed and was hit by intestinal pain (which I can usually get through) and then abdominal cramping (which I can't). I lay in bed in pain for 2 hours because... I get kind of stupid when I'm trying to go to sleep and think that pain will go away eventually and it didn't. I went to the bathroom (but didn't have to throw up, which is a minor victory!) and when I got back to bed I discovered that if I lay on my side, I could sleep for a few minutes before I was woken up by pain, at which point I could rotate a little bit and sleep another few minutes before being woken up by pain again. The next morning I talked to Tessa and found out I most likely contracted the stomach flu from Alex. That's what friends are for.

Watched some of the Habs/Kings game from last night and on the first shift, Jack Johnson gets bum rushed by 2 Habs, coughs up the puck, and they score on the ensuing flurry of shots. *sigh* :P

Sitting up is triggering more abdominal cramps, so back to bed I go!

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