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My life is now complete

I finally have a Joe Thornton icon. *twitches* I just really wanted one of him with his gold medal. It also helps that Patty is in the photo with him. ♥ I got very excited when x_caligirlx3 posted the photo of the Sharks gold medalists and immediately cropped Heatley out (OMG why does he try to ruin everything???)

I ventured back into reading fic a little bit and read Norwegian men's curling team pants/Don Cherry's jacket (I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING THANK YOU, IVY!!!) and I just want to say that you haven't truly lived until you have read about Sidney Crosby being assfucked by a figure skater wearing a strap-on.

I'm still coming down from my Olympic high. I always say that Dany Heatley ruins everything, but he really does ruin everything. :( I literally couldn't bear to watch the Sharks for a lot of the season because of him, and then Petr was injured and I couldn't really watch the Wild anymore. And now I feel like I'm back in hockey. I actually watched a Kings game intentionally today. (Damn you, Jack Johnson!)

[Edit: Okay, apparently I should provide links so that all of your lives can be complete too.
Norwegian curling pants/Don Cherry's jacket THANK solookup REALLY.
Crosby gets pegged! You have not truly lived. ]
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