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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Martian Love

Marian Hossa never wins anything

Poor Marian. Doesn't this have an SVU look to it? :(

Like I didn't cry enough yesterday, ESPN busts out with a weepy story about hockey players and their parents. Were the P&G moms commercials not enough? *cries*
"They said there were a lot of emotions involved," Johnson said. "They thought about all the 5 a.m. mornings, going to the rink, and actually I did too getting dressed. You kind of run through that -- everything that you went through to get here all the way back to when you're 5 years old to when you're 23 sitting in the Olympics. You can't help but think about things like that.

"To be able to share this with my family is real special. They're the reason I'm here, really. Without them, I wouldn't be here."

Also, why is he 23 with a 11 year old brother? SURPRISE!!! I thought it was weird he was always referred to as "little" instead of "younger", but no. They literally meant "little" brother.

OMG maybe his brother runs his website! That would explain a lot.

Also, he's apparently in his 4th NHL season. I've done a really good job of ignoring someone who plays in my division for over 3 years. :P In general I see the Kings as a vampire (Anze Kopitar) leading his horde of enthralled human minions so that contributes to it.

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In general I see the Kings as a vampire (Anze Kopitar) leading his horde of enthralled human minions so that contributes to it.

If I'd been drinking something I would have spit it out at that line.

. . . Um, cracktastic AU?

I'm not really sure how much of an AU it is... have you seen most photos of Anze? :P

why do you think anze is a vampire?

Because he looks like this. "I vant to suck your blood! Muahahahaha!!!"

That article made me tear up; and the P&G ad made me actually cry the first like 10 times I saw it. And yes, Kenny Johnson is like Taylor Crosby only a couple of years younger still. lol

Anze would be a great vampire; and his little brother who plays up in this neck of the woods with Portland looks quite a bit like him. It's a bit spooky. :)

At first I thought that Taylor was a boy. NO PRESSURE THERE, KID. It's cool that she plays for a boy's team, though.

Oh man, his little brother looks like him except not a vampire. He hasn't been turned yet!

My basic opinion on Jack Johnson was summed up by his full name.

It really does explain a lot.

I wish Jack were still out East. I don't like him in my division. :( I really think he and his brother from another mother Johnson are going to come out of this with a lot more poise.

According to some of the uhh, "research" I did, his biggest deficiency is that he's kind of stupid. So maybe he'll get smarter? :P We are done with the Kings for this season so I won't have to worry about him, muahaha.

Haha, Kopitar is always Raccoon Boy to me, I don't even know why I like the Kings and Ducks so much, since I normally hate everything else that comes out of SoCal (except maybe Tammy). But adsfjsdl that article, ESPN why would you even do this to us. ;_;

Perhaps he's just very sensitive to lack of sleep. I've seen some photos where he approaches human!

The Olympics are just an excuse to turn North Americans into sobbing messes.

I was talking to Abby when that happened, and she will testify that my exact words were: "Did...did Filc just kiss Marian Hossa?" Sadly, you weren't online.

He looks like he's about to grab Demitra and kiss him too but then it goes to commercial break. It's not even the kiss mostly, it's the way he like... caresses him.

Haha, I love this post. Welcome to the very small corner of fandom where people actually like JJ!

Here's a recent interview he and some of the guys did in preparation for the Olympics: http://www.foxsportswest.com/pages/video?PID=V1wQPFi6Jo1m6BPwImJP1yop4tGu1RN7

(I hope I'm not intruding. :))

Aww, thanks for that link!!! (Is it just me or were Doughty and Dustin Brown kind of slashy at the end?)

He is very entertaining to watch. I feel as if his main goal in hockey is to execute as many coast to coast rushes as possible. :P Did you watch tonight's game? They interviewed him and Dustin Brown about the Olympics. He had either drool or lip gloss at the corner of his mouth the entire time. :D

I've found this post via... uhm, I don't even know where, haha, so I hope you don't mind me commenting the video with... Holly crap! O_o And how come I've never seen it (well, probably because I watched it on different channel, but still)... O_o

Hehe, not at all! I was so surprised at first, I was like... did I really see that??? and had to rewind it. They didn't even show it during the actual game, but during this quick montage thing before cutting to commercial.

Hey, aren't you the same person who corrected some Czech dialogue in one of my Havlat/Hossa fics? :P

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