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What Superbowl?

*sighs happily* We beat the Wild 4-1 last night!!! *throws confetti* I wish I could have seen the game. Watching the highlights was good, though. :) I played some NHL2K3 Wild vs. Sharks before the game cos' I'm a geek like that, and won the game 2-0, with Nolan and Damphousse scoring. I was kinda' stunned when they scored the first two goals for us in the real game.

Chip bought a pimp suit for Alex. Apparently there's a Superbowl special, so he got a bigger feather and extra bling for the same price. Sadly, I am not kidding.

Sunny scored!!! I'm so proud of him! *sniffle* But it's kind of a bittersweet feeling. I saw that he had to change his number, that just makes me so ... *sigh* I dunno. I hate trades. Trades and injuries.
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