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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I can't believe I'm recording curling

So yesterday was a weepy day of hockey for me. First with the US beating Finland, and then when I realized they were going to win a medal no matter what, and nobody really expected them to when the team was picked and I got weepy. Then after the Canada/Slovakia game Team Slovakia saluted the Canadian fans and I got all weepy again. Then I saw how happy the Canadians were going down the handshake line and that's when the waterworks really started.

I kinda' really really want the Canadians to win. It just seems so much more meaningful to them and win or lose, the US team has already greatly exceeded expectations. I would be happy for the Americans if they win, but the pain of the Canadians losing might outweigh that happiness.

And the boys will be bringing 5 Olympic medals back to the Sharks. Wow.

(I may have a bit of a Jack Johnson thing going.)


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JMFJ? He's so dumb! It does sorta fit with the sandwich-Texan...

There was the idiotic exuberance of his epic journey to the opening ceremonies and back. And then the idiotic exuberance of his blog. I don't know, I only vaguely knew of him as Sidney Crosby's butt buddy and I don't care much for Crosby so I ignored him. UNTIL NOW.

I find the answer of "he's European" generally answers all questions about kissing between boys.

Yeah... I didn't see the kissing in question, but the other day I was googling Ziggy Palffy for some reason or another and found the clip of him kissing a teammate after scoring a goal. The Youtube comments seemed to imply the same thing.

That's the one that Don Cherry complained about, haha. See, teammates kissing is fine, but the COACH doing it and the manner he did it in and Marian looked vaguely like he was had been violated and staring vacantly...

... The coach wasn't Graham James, was it??

Err, I don't know, it was one of the Slovakian coaches who is not Marian Hossa's dad (WHICH WOULD HAVE MADE IT 43207208280 TIMES MORE CREEPY).

Okay, see if it was between BOYS that's fine. COACHES SHOULD STAY AWAY *shrieks*

ahh europeans showing affection :)

I can't decide, i think I want canada to win, but the canadians have some very ugly players that I don't want to see smiling.


Yes, the Canadians have several guys who are horrifying for some reason or the other. :(

I root for Canada alot in general (even more so than I root for the Games' "home team" every Olympics), but now that you've told me the US wasn't expected to do well I'll be pulling for them too. (I tend to root against the US when we come in with a sense of entitlement)

I think I'm still rooting for Canadian Gold and US Silver, but it's not like I'll be upset if it flips :P

This is the first time that I've actually liked a US Olympics team! They went with young guys this time instead of the creaky ones (I think only 3 guys are over 30) and I really liked the selections. I don't think anyone picked them to even be possible upset material.

Ironically, I think if the Canadians win, it will be because the US beat them in the preliminary round. After that game the Canadians switched goalies and made some line changes and played a lot harder and really started clicking.

Also! I have not gotten to see one whit of curling and that makes me sad (I guess it's always been on the "lesser" channels, USA and MSNBC, which I do not get with my rabbit ears)

You could watch it on nbcolympics.com! I think they archive a lot of stuff, probably includes curling.

nbcolympics.com was pretty awesome this year. I did try and catch some live hockey & curling there. For whatever reason my connection didn't want to cooperate on the curling, but it let me watch hockey **shrugs**

Here. I love that it looks so unprofessional. Maybe he has some kid or relative doing it for him for free. :D


You know, I always thought I liked Jack Johnson, but then my brother got into college hockey, and I discovered that my interest in JMFJ was VASTLY ECLIPSED by my brother's raging mancrush.

I, too, need to see this blog.

Here. It's especially fabulous today because there's an embedded video of the Olympics theme song that autoplays ahahahah.

Jack Johnson is very much a man's man. I imagine the Michigan thing helps too. :P

The day started off by meeting Vice President Joe Biden. That was really cool and he even knew my name! I was stunned and it was really neat.

I....I don't know what to say. Do you think he does the bolding and the crazy colors and all that himself?

I'm going to have to send this to my brother. (Also! Did you know that his dad used to sit in the student section at Michigan hockey games and dance to the intermission music, and everyone would cheer for Mr. Johnson? It was both hilarious and adorable.)

ISN'T IT FABULOUS? I think that he probably has some kid or relative doing that stuff for him for free, but if he does it himself I THINK I MAY BE IN LOVE.

Aww, that's so sweet!!! :) He does seems to be close to his dad (something I saw in one of the videos). OMG you must watch the videos, ESPN video blogged his epic journey to make it to the Opening Ceremonies and back.

Oh man, I think the same person worked on his wallpapers. "You Got Jack'd Up" ahahahaha. ♥

Probably, but why so MUCH bold? I just love it all.

The videos were so cute! "No one else is dumb enough to leave!"


And the red, white and blue coloured letters!!! It's so unprofessional and/or late '90s it hurts! :D

I love that he's so unabashedly excited about everything. And the pic with his teachers is really cute!!!

See, I'm not at all surprised that the U.S. is here (and might win)! Burke is a master of that "woe, poor underdogs" routine and that can be a powerful rallying point. And it's still a good team with a great goalie. I don't know, I'm just not feeling this Miracle 2.0 shit because I'm not buying it. :P

I don't understand how people can make that comparison. It's more like a #1 vs #8 in the SCF, but nowhere near anything like Miracle.

Excuse me, can I have my biggest WTF?! moment since Russia's failure? Who kissed who?! I just saw Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor kissing and saw Ziggy's kissing video on YouTube but WHAAAAAT.

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