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Hockey is not for the faint of heart

Olympic hockey shouldn't make me this nervous! :P Wish the Americans had scored a little earlier. Going in, I wasn't too worried because I felt that Ryan Miller would save the day no matter what happened and that mostly kept me calm but as the game went on... that always seems to favour the underdogs somehow.

Team Canada has finally showed what it can be. They have that gold medal look to them now. It's both exciting and a relief at the same time. tersa pointed out that 5 of the 7 goals came from the Pacific division and the other 2 were also in the west. The team is Pacific/west-skewing overall, but it's just one of those fun/silly things.

Trivia that I've heard several times and then promptly forgotten: Ryan Miller lived in Santa Clara (in the Bay Area) for a couple of years. Then I read a little more about it in a forum thread and it was when he was here that he made the switch from forward to goalie! And he and other youth players actually worked to bring an NHL franchise to the Bay Area, going door to door collecting signatures. :) What makes it cooler is that his cousin Kip Miller was part of the first Sharks team and scored the first goal in Sharks history.

I think Canada isn't going to have much of a problem with Slovakia, but the US might have a tough time with Finland because unlike the Swiss, they can actually score goals.

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