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Hockey! Hokej! хоккей!

What a day of hockey! The four countries I'd like to win the gold (not in order of preference: Canada, USA, Czech Republic, Russia) playing against each other in the best games of the the Olympics so far.

I really dug that play where Ovechkin knocks Jagr down causing a turnover and Malkin scores. Yes, me and 4302802702 other people. But it was such a nice combo! It's usually the finesse/trick/luck plays or the big hits that are highlight-worthy and it was great to see them both combined. I think Malkin may be my second favourite player behind Marian. I've just never really been a fan of the guys who really lead their teams. I prefer the strong supporting role type. :P

OMG RYAN MILLER!!! So proud. :) I was also really impressed with the way Patrick Kane played. The whole US team seemed to have so much energy and hustle, exemplified by Kesler's empty netter. Brodeur didn't look great. I'm envisioning this scenario where they replace him with Luongo and he's ridiculous and Canada wins gold. That would be nice. I'm really enjoying being able to watch all of these games without any stake in them, although I think eventually I'll end up becoming an American. Hopefully the US doesn't have an annoying team then, heh.

At one point they showed a close up of Ryan Miller then one of Brodeur and it triggered a traumatic flashback to my dreams involving them and I was uncomfortable for a while. :(

[Edit: Okay, it's been bugging me that Ryan Miller looks like some actor. A totally-looks-like thread compared him to Peter Petrelli, but really it's David Annable! Well, if Miller didn't have an eye that's half again as big as the other one. But... closer than Peter Petrelli I think. And! David Annable is a goalie IRL too!]

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