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Those sneaky Swiss!

My new temporary icon for the Olympics. I like that mask!

See, this is why I boo Switzerland! :P Watching Team Canada is so weird, especially on the PP when I start to think, man this is like watching the Sharks... and then I realize it's because I am watching the Sharks and that's Joe getting kicked out of the faceoff circle and being replaced by Patty again. Combine that with Jonas Hiller in goal and I had a horrible flashback to last year's playoffs. *shrieks* At least now Getzlaf and Corey Perry (and Pronger!!!) are on this side.

Quite proud that Pavelski's line is doing well for Team USA. They will all likely die a horrible death against the Canadians on Sunday but I feel like this year is mostly laying a foundation for the future. Plus they need at least five more Ryans on the team.

I'm glad Nabby wasn't in goal for Russia last night. I would have hated for him to be in that shootout situation. Not that he's terrible (he used to be) at them, but I wouldn't want everything to depend on him. I was shocked (and slightly horrified) by Marian's reaction to scoring the tying goal. It's as if Patty did something like that. Hockey robots aren't supposed to have emotion, damn it!
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